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EMS Patient Care Guidelines

Through administrative rule, the EMS office has been tasked with approval of protocols. Since Wisconsin enjoys local medical direction and every physician has his or her own view of patient care, the  EMS office receives a variety of patient care guidelines. Review of these many varied and unique protocols takes a significant amount of time. Since this is a time consuming process, we have, in cooperation with the Physician Advisory Committee and the EMS Advisory Board, produced “model/sample protocols” for use by all services.

These are not mandated to be used, but it gives our office and the services a common starting point. If the medical director and service choose to accept them “as is,” then all that needs to be done is submission of a signed Guideline Use/Medical Director Approval form (Word, 85 KB). Should your service wish to add or modify a protocol, we ask that you use the “track changes” feature of MS Word and submit those protocols with the Guideline Use/Medical Director Approval form (Word, 85 KB). All modified protocols should be sent electronically, with track changes, so we can easily identify the changes and expedite review of the changes for approval.

Required Policies | Pediatric Guidelines | Adult Guidelines |
Pediatric ACLS Guidelines | Adult ACLS Guidelines | Miscellaneous Guidelines

All protocols must be reviewed and approved by our office before they are implemented.

These sample protocols use the new national scope name identifiers. It is the intent of the upcoming administrative rule revision to adopt only  national scope of practice names.  The comparison is as follows:

Old Name New Name
First Responder Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
EMT Basic  Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
EMT Intermediate Technician Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)
EMT Intermediate Intermediate
EMT Paramedic Paramedic

DHS 110.35(2)(e) Required Policy Samples

Pediatric Specific Guidelines

Adult Guidelines

Pediatric ACLS Guidelines

Adult ACLS Guidelines

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Administration

2012 Trauma Triage Guidelines

2014 Helicopter EMS Guidelines

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Last Revised: September 22, 2014