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Help: Printing

At the top of your screen (or browser window) you might see a series of words that begins with "File   Edit   View":

  1. Click on the word "File" to bring up a pull-down menu.

  2. Somewhere on this menu you might see an option like "Print…" . Click here and a dialog box appears.

  3. Click the button marked "OK".

You may want to use a shortcut: there may be a "Print" button near the top of your browser window. Clicking this button should work too, but you will probably not see the dialog box - or any other indication that your information is really being printed. The dialog box gives you a way to fix some of the printing problems that may arise. And simply by appearing on your screen, it lets you be sure your information is on its way to the printer.

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Last Revised: August 23, 2010