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Treatment Options

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Making better treatment choices

Explore Your Treatment Options:  This website from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has information about treatment options for a variety of conditions, and tips to help you talk with your doctor. Whether you just got sick or you've been receiving care for a long time, ask your doctor about treatment options. The answers you get may improve your health care and your quality of life.

Considering surgery?

When You Need an Operation:  The American College of Surgeons has prepared this guide to help you figure out who should do your operation, whether you need a consultation (second opinion), what informed consent is, and how much your operation may cost. 

Questions to Ask Your Doctor and Your Surgeon:  Developed by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to help you make informed decisions about non-emergency surgery.

Clinical trials

Understanding Clinical Trials: This guide from the National Institutes of Health will help you think through whether participating in a clinical trial is the right step for you.  A website developed by the National Institutes of Health to provide patients, family members and members of the public with current information about clinical research studies.

Clinical Trial Patient Worksheet (PDF, 38 KB), from the American Cancer Society, contains important questions to ask before deciding to participate in a clinical trial.

Other treatment options

Are You Considering Complementary Medicine? from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. ¿Qué es la medicina complementaria y alternativa?

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Last Revised: March 15, 2013