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Wisconsin Suicide Prevention

Suicide occurs among all groups of people. No age, race, or socio-economic class is immune. Each year, about 629 suicide deaths occur in Wisconsin, and an average of 4,944 suicide related hospitalizations.

Suicide and suicide attempts exact an incalculable toll on family, friends and loved ones. The state suicide rate is three times greater than the state homicide rate.

  Wisconsin Teen Suicide Fact Sheet, August 2006 (PDF, 56 KB)

  Wisconsin Violent Injuries and Deaths: Annual Report (PDF, 2691 KB)

The Suicide Prevention Initiative was formed to raise public awareness and provide education, support and resources needed to assist communities in their suicide prevention activities. The initiative works to:  

  • Reduce deaths due to suicide across the age span
  • Reduce the occurrence of other self-harmful acts
  • Reduce the suffering associated with suicidal behaviors and the traumatic impact of suicide on communities and significant others 
  • Provide opportunities and settings to enhance resilience, resourcefulness, respect, nonviolent conflict resolution and interconnectedness for individuals, families, and communities

The Suicide Prevention Initiative meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm at 1 West Wilson Street, Madison. The meeting time alternate between meetings of the group as a whole and subcommittees. 

For further information on the Suicide Prevention Initiative or the meetings, contact the Co-Chairs:

Shel Gross
Director of Public Policy
Mental Health Association in Milwaukee County

Susan Conlin Opheim
HOPES (Helping Others Prevent and Educate About Suicide)

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Last Revised: April 03, 2014