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MCH Needs Assessment

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, specifically the Family Health Section in the Bureau of Community Health Promotion of the Division of Public Health, has a responsibility for carrying out the Title V Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Block Grant functions. As a recipient of the federal block grant,  Wisconsin is required to complete a statewide needs assessment every five years and develop a plan of action for addressing priorities identified during the process.

The vision of Wisconsin’s Title V MCH leaders was to involve the community of interest and stakeholders in a data driven process to bridge the needs of women, infants, children (including children with special health care needs) and the strategies for their solution. The Wisconsin Title V MCH Program embraced the unique opportunity the needs assessment process provided to implement statewide results-based accountability strategies to improve the health of the maternal & child health populations. As such, the needs assessment was conducted as part of a larger comprehensive strategic planning effort which not only identifies priorities, but also provides a roadmap for guiding local and state public health activities to address the priorities identified during the next five-year cycle of the Wisconsin Title V MCH Block Grant.

Executive Summary (PDF, 22 KB)

Full Report (PDF, 1.2 MB)


Consideration was given to multiple factors in selecting Wisconsin’s priorities including findings from a review of data trends:

  • a comprehensive analysis of key MCH indicators;

  • input from local health departments, statewide projects and funded organizations; 

  • capacity assessment of the Family Health Section; and 

  • ongoing input from the Maternal & Child Health Advisory Committee, Local Health Department staff and Family Health Section staff in the Division of Public Health. 

Methodology Report (PDF, 94 KB)


The priorities of the Wisconsin Maternal & Child Health Program are areas identified for targeted intervention that guide local and state public health activities and address health needs and improve health outcomes for women, children, and families in Wisconsin.

Plan to Address Priorities

Many factors will influence the activities that support each priority and although the activities may change over time, the priorities themselves will stay the same until a future needs assessment indicates they should change. Specific plans to address priorities have been developed and will be used to guide our work. 


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Last Revised: December 09, 2011



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