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The Health of Racial and Ethnic Populations in Wisconsin:  1996-2000

This report (released in 2004) presents comprehensive data on the health of African American, American Indian, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino populations in Wisconsin. Most of the data in this report are for the time period 1996-2000.

Corrections for any errors found in the report since its publication can be seen in this errata sheet (PDF, 24 KB).

Note:  Updated tables (showing data through 2005) are available on this page.

Letter from the Secretary, Contributors, Foreword (PDF, 133 KB)

Table of Contents, Lists of Tables, Figures, and Reference Tables (PDF, 76 KB)

  1. Introduction and Key Findings (PDF, 2417 KB)

  2. Key Issues in Minority Health (PDF, 1719 KB)

  3. Demographic Characteristics
    1. Population Size, Growth, and Geographic Distribution (PDF, 180 KB)

    2. Social and Economic Characteristics (PDF, 180 KB)

  4. Health Status
    1. Perceived Health Status (PDF, 1567 KB)

    2. Mortality (PDF, 1567 KB)

    3. Maternal and Child Health (PDF, 376 KB)

    4. Chronic Diseases (PDF, 645 KB)

    5. Unintentional and Intentional Injuries (PDF, 235 KB)

    6. Communicable Diseases (PDF, 399 KB)

    7. Environmental Health (PDF, 188 KB)

    8. Mental Health (PDF, 233 KB)

    9. Oral Health (PDF, 292 KB)

  5. Behavioral Health Risks (PDF, 1266 KB)

  6. Access to Healthcare (PDF, 1293 KB)

  7. Strategies to Eliminate Health Disparities (PDF, 1302 KB)


    1. Appendix I: Minority Health Report Community Advisory Group (January 2000) (PDF, 1189 KB)
    2. Appendix II: Technical Notes and Definitions (PDF, 170 KB)
    3. Appendix III: Reference Tables (PDF, 491 KB)

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Last Revised: April 16, 2014