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Detailed Tables for the Minority Health Report

Access to Health Care

This page provides detailed tables on access to health care. These detailed tables, containing data primarily from 2001-2005, provided the basis for many of the figures in the most recent Minority Health Report.

These tables are updated versions of the tables originally presented in The Health of Racial and Ethnic Populations in Wisconsin, 1996-2000. The chapter numbers and topics into which the table are grouped reflect the organization of that earlier report.

Select a table link below to see the updated table.

Chapter VI. Access to Health Care

A. Health Insurance Coverage

Table 54:  Health insurance coverage by race/ethnicity, Wisconsin, 2001-2005 (Excel, 22 KB)

B. Source of Health Care

Table 55:  Source of health care by race/ethnicity, Wisconsin, 2001-2005 (Excel, 22 KB)

C. Health Screening Practices

Table 56:  Health screening practices by race/ethnicity, age 18 and over, Wisconsin, 2001-2005 (Excel, 19 KB)

D. Health Professionals

Table 57: Licensed health professionals by race/ethnicity, Wisconsin 2006  (Excel, 23 KB)

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Last Revised: February 03, 2014