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Healthy Birth Outcomes:
Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities
Conferences and Webcasts


New Wisconsin Webinar: Turning the Ship Towards Life Course Theory, Social Determinants of Health, and Preconception Care (May 6, 2014) (exit DHS) Presentation (PDF, 2 MB)

Webinar on Closing the Black/White Gap in Infant Mortality: Ideas, Successes and Lessons Learned (exit DHS) from the Wisconsin Life Course Initiative for Healthy Families (LIHF).


Infant Mortality Summit 2012: Social Determinants (June 6, 2012) (exit DHS)

Webcasts from the Healthy Babies Summit and AWHONN State Conference, 2009

If you have technical difficulties viewing these webcasts, please read the webcast prerequisites and help information.

What's Happening with Community Coalitions, Healthy Babies and FIMR:   Community activities focused on improving perinatal outcomes and reducing disparities in infant mortality.

Panel - What Families Tell Us: Barriers and benefits to healthy birth outcomes identified by families.

Putting the F into MCH (speaker Michael Lu): Strategies that increase father involvement.

Keynote Speaker - Michael Lu: Strategies that will reduce racial and ethnic disparities in birth outcomes.

The Fetal Cardiac Patient: A Real Entity:  Risk factors for the development of fetal heart disease and the interventions to address this disease.

BMI, Reproduction and Pregnancy Outcomes: Nutrients needed for the post-partum woman and the importance of weight reduction prior to pregnancy; risks associated with high and low BMI in pregnancy.

Promoting Positive Relations between Pregnant/Parenting Adolescents and their Co-Parenting Partners: Theory, Research, and Practice.

Medical Home for Children with Special Healthcare Needs: The medical home concept and practice benefits for CYSHCN and families.

Keynote Speaker - Michael Fraser: State of the States: A National Perspective on Maternal and Child Health. Current national efforts to improve maternal and child health and Federal and national policies to support those efforts.

Earlier Webcasts

Eliminating Disparities in Birth Outcomes in Wisconsin: Current Trends and Future Approaches (Johnson, Katcher) (Nov. 3, 2008) (exit DHS)

NACCHO webcast (exit DHS): " Improving Birth Outcomes: Community Strategies to Address Infant Mortality " - May 24, 2007. Scroll down to the series on Emerging Issues in Maternal and Child Health.

Disparities in Birth Outcomes: A Continuing Challenge in Wisconsin (Katcher, Jones, Landis, Onheiber) (Nov. 1, 2006) (exit DHS)

Last Revised:  June 12, 2014