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To eliminate vaccine preventable disease through immunization.

The Wisconsin Division of Public Health Immunization Program, in partnership and collaboration with local partners, strives to eliminate the transmission of vaccine preventable disease through effective immunization programs and outbreak control measures. Utilizing best practice strategies and evidence-based programming, the steps to achieve this mission include:

  • Improving the effectiveness of immunization delivery systems.
  • Increasing immunization access for all.
  • Identifying and eliminating racial, ethnic and other disparities.
  • Protecting the community through high immunization rates.

Nationwide, immunization programs are held accountable to reach state and federal immunization goals and outcomes as defined in various documents including Healthy People 2020, State Health Plan 2020, the continuing grant guidance from CDC, and the Immunization Program Operations Manual (IPOM) (PDF, 351 KB). The complexity of cross-referencing these materials and resources as well as being held accountable for both federal and state immunization objectives, while engaging local public health partners and meeting local public health goals through the Community Health Improvement Process (CHIP) , has underscored the need for the development of a framework to achieve defined quality improvement goals and outcomes at multiple levels through a continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiative. The CQI framework (PDF, 112 KB) has been developed within the context of the public health core functions (PDF, 11.6 KB), essential services (PDF, 10.9 KB), and overarching goals (PDF, 16.6 KB).

Continual reduced or level funding makes it difficult to achieve all defined goals and outcomes as outlined by these documents. Prioritizing high leverage programmatic activities utilizing data and evidence-based practices within the context of this CQI framework enables the program to maximize programmatic outcomes and improve the health of Wisconsin citizens.


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