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Family Care Memos - 2011

Date Issued


12/21/11 DHCAA Ops Memo re: Administration of the Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program (PDF, 64 KB)
11/30/11 RS 11-07 Nurse Practitioner Role in Family Care Partnership (PDF, 28 KB)
11/10/11 Policy and Procedure for Assignment of Responsibility with Regard to Residency for People Participating in Adult Long Term Care Programs in Wisconsin (PDF, 71 KB) 
11/1/11 Calendar Year (CY) 2012 DD Center Rates (replaced by 6/17/13 memo)
Revised 11/9/11
RS 11-01 Family Care and Medicare - What You Should Know for 2012 (Obsolete)
Revisions: 2/6/14, 8/16/13, 12/18/12, 8/3/12, 4/18/12
TA 11-02: MCO Access and Contracts with Nursing Home Commissions formed under s. 49.49(7) Revised 2/6/14 (PDF, 43 KB; replaces memo TA 10-05)
7/21/11 RS 11-06: Recommended Process for Responding to Division of Hearing and Appeals State Fair Hearing Request (PDF, 28 KB)
Ops-Memo 11-36: Family Care, PACE/Partnership and IRIS fair hearings (PDF, 108 KB)
7/21/11 RS 11-05: In Lieu of Services Reference to Past Memos and Maximum Allowable 2011 Subsidy for Room and Board (PDF, 17 KB)
Revised 7/12/11
TA 11-01: Process for Resolving Enrollment Discrepancies within Current Operational Systems (PDF, 307 KB)
Enrollment and Disenrollment Information for MCOs (PowerPoint, 662 KB) 
Template for Monthly Submissions of Enrollment Discrepancies (F-01282) (Excel, 67 KB)
6/7/11 RS 11-04: Best Practices for Resolving Enrollment Discrepancies (PDF, 28 KB)
Enrollment and Disenrollment Information for MCOs (PowerPoint, 662 KB) 

RS 11-03 Prevocational Services: Six Month Progress Report and Service Plan Template (PDF, 28 KB) 
Attachment: Progress Report and Service Plan Template, F-00395 (Word, 210 KB)

3/3/11 RS 11-02 Medication Management (Removed 6/11/13; memo will be revised and reissued)
3/2/11 Influencing the Exercise of Participant Freedom of Choice (PDF, 858 KB)
2/25/11 Setting an MCO Enrollment Date for Relocation from ICFs-MR (DLTC Numbered Memo 2011-01)

Family Care Memo Series -- previous years

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