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Unit 1 - Medium Custody Service Area

Institution Unit Supervisor: Jason McHugh

Unit Program Summary

Unit A1 is part of the Maximum Custody Service Area which works to improve the physical, mental, social and emotional health of individuals, and promote consistency of care by providing a safe environment similar to a Maximum security facility, in an effort to enhance their long term well-being. The Maximum Custody Service Area consists of  H16, H17, H18, and A1. 

A structured level system assists in managing a highly diverse population. The team employs both cognitive and behavioral treatments while working with the offenders. The unit program provides support and encouragement through groups, individual counseling, unit activities, and structure. Offenders are encouraged to own responsibility for their behavior, applying the skills they have learned in their day to day interactions. 

The structured levels are based primarily on overall behavior (seg status, conduct reports, etc) and double bunking. The lowest level (Orange) is a very restrictive level that is designed specifically for inmates who are showing significant mental instability or behavior difficulties and may be used in lieu of high management. Inmates do not need a conduct report to be placed on this level, and decisions such as allowing the inmate to go to work/job/classes are strictly determined by the treatment team (with supervisory approval). Levels Red, Blue, and Green are levels providing for more responsibilities and are determined by inmate status, and unit disciplinary structure. The highest level, Yellow, (on A1 only) is achieved by maintaining general population status and double bunking. Many of the offenders at WRC have had difficulty double-celling and adjusting to a maximum custody setting. This gives them an opportunity to be successful prior to transfer back to DOC. This level is similar to the Independent level in the South Programming Pod for Medium security inmates, so that there is some symmetry with the inmate management through WRC.

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Last Revised:  June 25, 2014