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Unit H-17 - Maximum Custody Service Area

Institution Unit Supervisor: Keith Frey

North Programming Pod Guiding Principle

The North programming Pod works to improve the physical, mental, social and emotional health of individuals, and promote consistency of care through a safe environment similar to a Maximum security facility in an effort to enhance long term well-being. 

F-9 North Pod Paradigm

Unit F-9 is a Maximum Custody Unit in a pod of 3 units assigned as North (Maximum Custody) Pod. The North Pod units consist of Units F-9, F-10, and A1. The North Pods is an entity amongst themselves and is self sustaining and self serving for the goal of treatment with security. A major goal for this pod is to greatly reduce inmate transferability and increase unit consistency. To accomplish this, Programs are established that will juxtapose each unit in the pod. Another focus is to create an environment that is more conducive to the environment the inmate left and will possibly return to. In an attempt to accomplish this goal, F-9 North Pod has established a level system that is based on behavior. 

The F-9 Program consists of 4 levels: Orange, Red, Blue, and Green. Each level respectively increases with privileges as the inmate moves up the levels. An eclectic approach was used in creating this (North Pod) Program from referencing multiple DOC institutions. 

We also plan on implementing the P.A.S.S. Program from the old A-1 Transfer Unit. With the P.A.S.S. Program, we provide an inmate facilitator to direct the program, using this program to provide a personalized inmate insight into Corrections. This allows inmates in the program to identify a functioning baseline, identify areas that may take the inmate away from this baseline, and allow the inmate to use skills he has learned to cope and bring himself back to baseline. At the end of the program, role playing is used to put into practice what he has learned. 

We currently have a maximum capacity of 29 inmates. We are staffed with 2 PCTs on first and second shift, with 1 PCT on third. We have one Social worker, 1 Psychologist, and 1 PCS on first shift and 1 PCS on second shift. As a Treatment Team, the philosophy is for the Treatment Team to follow the inmate. If the inmate would happen to move to another unit, our team would follow the inmate to provide consistency for the inmate. 

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Last Revised:  April 23, 2014