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Unit 18 - Maximum Custody Service Area

Institution Unit Supervisor: Rick Phillips

Unit Description

The North Programming pod works to improve the physical, mental, social and emotional health of individuals, and promote consistency of care through a safe environment similar to a Maximum security facility in an effort to enhance their long term well-being. The North programming pod consists of F9/F10/ and A1. 

During the planning process, we have researched rules and concepts for the three Maximum security facilities and adapted their management concepts to fit our overall WRC mission. Several strategies were adapted in the formulation of the pod: A structured level system to not only manage a more diverse intellectual functioning population, but also to mimic the amount of time out of cells in Max Security facilities (however, in accordance to our goals, we balance that to provide enough time to assess how inmates are doing, positive socializations, and to practice skills they learn through WRC programming); consistency of care working with inmates throughout the pod with an emphasis of keeping inmates on the unit assigned; a significant drop in tangible incentives that were previously used in WRC for positive behavior since these incentives are not widely used in DOC; an increase in 1:1 staff-inmate interaction as reinforcement of WRC programming skills; and providing a safe environment of both staff and inmates. 

The program itself is a five level system based primarily on overall behavior (seg status, conduct reports, etc) and double bunking. The lowest level (Orange) is a very restrictive level that is designed specifically for inmates who are showing significant mental instability or behavior difficulties and may be used in lieu of segregation. Inmates do not necessarily need a conduct report to be placed on this level, and decisions such as allowing the inmate to go to work/job/classes are strictly determined by the treatment team (with supervisory approval). Levels Red, Blue, and Green are levels providing for more responsibilities and are determined by inmate status, and unit disciplinary structure. The highest level (Yellow-and on A1 only) is for inmates who are general population and double bunked, and designed to coincide with a level 2 in the South Programming pod for Medium security inmates, so that there is some symmetry with the inmate management through WRC.

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Last Revised:  April 23, 2014