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Unit 6 - Medium Custody Service Area

Institution Unit Supervisor: Bob Kriz

Your personal recovery will guide your direction to meet life long challenges. Successful participation in your treatment will develop and/or maintain self-managed responsibility, independence, self-control, and self-reliance to help facilitate successful transition to a Department of Correction (DOC) facility.

Program Statement
Your treatment focuses on preparation for transfer to the Department of Corrections, medium custody. The mission of the Medium Custody Pod units is to provide a safe, non-violent, secure and structured treatment environment. Our mission is to address your referral reason to the Wisconsin Resource Center, address symptom management, and return to DOC for a longer duration possibly without further intervention.

The Medium Custody Pod serves inmates who want to live and function in an open environment on a non-violent communication based treatment unit to address referral reason(s). The unit program focuses on achieving self-governed compliance with rules and policies, commitment to a productive schedule, appropriate socialization, adequate coping skills and overall independent living skills.

The Medium Custody program encourages inmates to take further responsibility for self growth and reinforces this through a collaborative effort between you and staff to address areas that present as problematic and interfere in your level of functioning within designated environment.  

The Medium Custody Pod team focuses on providing opportunities for offenders to improve independent life skills and enhance personal growth and recovery. Application of these skills should increase the offender’s ability to negotiate a traditional institutional living environment and/or the community. All unit staff will encourage treatment involvement in accordance with the unit program and WRC Mission.

Staff along with the offender will identify and address individual treatment needs to address DOC referral reason.

Offenders are expected to participate in identified WRC programming as it relates to referral reason.

Staff will provide both immediate and ongoing feedback in the target behavior areas of peer interactions, staff interactions and unit rule compliance, as identified in the individual's Awareness log.

Offender's appropriate behaviors will be reinforced through unit incentive.

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Last Revised:  April 23, 2014