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Advisory Group

The following individuals and organizations serve on the Wisconsin Music & Memory Program, Advisory Group:

  1. Pat Benesh, Quality Assurance Program Specialist
    Division of Quality Assurance, WI Department of Health Services
  2. Heather Bruemmer, Executive Director
    Board on Aging & Long Term Care
  3. Dan Cohen, MSW, Founding Executive Director
    Music & Memory
  4. Kevin Coughlin, Policy Initiative Advisor-Advanced
    Division of Long Term Care, WI Department of Health Services
  5. Melissa Dixon, MT-BC, AC-BC, Vice President
    Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals (WRAP)
  6. Doug Englebert, R.Ph, MBA, Pharmacy Practice Consultant
    Division of Quality Assurance, WI Department of Health Services
  7. Kristen Felten, MSW, APSW, Dementia Specialist
    Office on Aging, WI Department of Health Services
  8. Leslie Henry, MT-BC
    Professional Advocacy Committee of the American Music Therapy Association, Chair
    Music Therapist, Milwaukee County  Behavioral Health Division
  9. Tom Hlavacek, Executive Director
    Alzheimer’s Association, Southeastern WI Chapter
  10. Deb Jacoby, CTRS
    Rocky Knoll Health Care Center
  11. Mary Kazi, BSW, MS, CDP, AFCSP Coordinator
    Alzheimer's & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin
  12. Kim Kinner, Executive Director
    Alzheimer’s Association, Greater WI Chapter
  13. Kim Loose, OTR, AC-BC
  14. Kim Marheine, Ombudsman Services Supervisor
    Board on Aging and Long Term Care
  15. Tom Moore, Executive Director
    WI Health Care Association
  16. Kari Paterson, Executive Director
    Alzheimer’s Association, South Central WI Chapter
  17. Wanda Plachecki, Coalition Chair
    Wisconsin Coalition for Person Directed Care
  18. Jody Rothe, RN, WCC, Quality Consultant
    MetaStar, Inc.
  19. Kate Kowalski, Director of Public Health, Education and Outreach Administrator
    Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute
  20. John Sauer, President/CEO
    LeadingAge Wisconsin
  21. Prof. Dale B. Taylor, PhD, MT-BC, Board Member
    Board on Aging & Long Term Care
  22. Dinh Tran, Social Services Consultant
    Division of Quality Assurance, WI Department of Health Services


Last Revised: November 03, 2014