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Resources include:

Nutrition and Physical Activity Inventory

A web query system to find out what's happening in nutrition and physical activity programs around Wisconsin.  Includes an project/program (intervention) inventory that is searchable by county, site, type, focus area and target audience.  If you'd like your program listed, please contact: Jon Morgan

Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition Websites

A listing of websites maintained by nutrition and physical activity coalitions in Wisconsin.

Local Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalitions in Wisconsin (PDF, 126 KB)

A listing of nutrition and physical activity coalitions in Wisconsin.  The list includes program name and county, and contact information for the coalition.  There is also a coalition map (PDF, 165 KB) showing counties with known coalitions. 

Coalition Snapshot Infographic (PDF, 654 KB)

2012 Coalition Survey Results (PDF, 654 KB)

See what the "average" coalition looks like based on results from 73 nutrition and physical activity coalitions in Wisconsin

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