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Site-Specific Community Resource: Footprints to Health Intervention


Listed below are information and references to address physical activity and nutrition in specific sites or settings within the  community setting.

Footprints to Health was an initiative that began when the Wisconsin Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity (NPAO) Program awarded a grant to the Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) Coalition of Marathon County. The initiative was designed to create a local intervention that might be transferable to other communities.  The NPAO Program wants to recognize and thank the HEAL Coalition for their efforts in implementing this challenging initiative.   

Footprints to Health Logo The grant provided the HEAL coalition with technical assistance and funds to try and change behavior in a neighborhood setting for the period of 2006 to 2008.  The idea was to change policies and environmental factors in the neighborhood surrounding the Franklin Elementary School, as well as modify or enact program activities in the neighborhood as a whole in order to change physical activity and nutrition habits for residents living in the neighborhood.  The resources listed below are the result of the initiative.

Resources from the Footprints to Health Initiative

Executive Summary (PDF 47 KB) - A four page summary of the activities and outcomes from the three-year initiative.

Full Report (PDF, 84 KB) - A more detailed, nine page report of the three-year initiative.

Final Survey Report (PDF 371 KB) - A summary report of the results from the pre, mid-point and post survey results of neighborhood participants in the Footprints to Health intervention.

Case Studies - Two case studies were developed from the initiative.  One case study is a write-up on Intervention Planning using the Socio-Ecological Model (PDF 93 KB) and the other describes How the Coalition has Become Involved with Transportation Planning for a More Active Community Environment (PDF 42 KB)

Materials - Products and materials generated from the Footprints can be found below:

Summary of 15 Objectives from the Initiative (PDF 232 KB) - One or two page summaries were written up for each of the 15 objectives.  Use the "bookmarks" tab on the left side of the pdf file to navigate quickly to each objective.  The summaries describe: 

  • The objective and its focus

  • The activities related to the objective

  • The partners and their roles

  • A description of what worked well

  • A description of what could have been done differently

  • A description of challenges or barriers

  • The evaluation methods and outcomes

  • Any associated comments or notes

  • Tools/materials used or developed

The 15 objectives were:

  • Objective 1 - Fruit & Vegetable Educational Messages

  • Objective 2 - Family Meal Messages

  • Objective 3 - Family Meal Planning Trainings

  • Objective 4 - Media Campaign: Family Meals

  • Objective 5 - Stores: Environmental Change

  • Objective 6 - Restaurants: Environmental Change

  • Objective 7 - Farmers Market Utilization

  • Objective 8 - Organizational Policy on Healthy Eating

  • Objective 9 - Physical Activity Resource Guide

  • Objective 10 - Neighborhood Walking Challenge

  • Objective 11 - Media Campaign: Physical Activity

  • Objective 12 - Neighborhood Environmental Change

  • Objective 13 - Mapping of Nearby Destinations

  • Objective 14 - Neighborhood Walking Routes

  • Objective 15 - Access to Physical Activity Facilities



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