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Radon Mitigation (Reduction)
Wisconsin Contractor Proficiency List
June 2014

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This table is sorted by county, then name.   Each contractor serves surrounding counties.

Certified Contractor
Certification ID and Expiration

Company Name

*Each contractor serves surrounding counties.


Daniel Wiggins
NRPP Certification:  106656RMT
Expiration:  6/30/2014

Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians Ashland (715) 682-7123

Jason Trimberger
NRPP Certification:  106227RMT
Expiration:  03/31/2015

Great Lakes Radon Testing and Mitigation LLC Brown (920) 660-6324

Al Dorn Jr.
NRPP Certification:  105082RMT
Expiration:  08/31/2014

Advanced Radon Services   Brown (920) 619-2360

Jeffrey Hartman
NRPP Certification:  104926RMT
Expiration:  04/30/2016

WI Radon Measurement and Mitigation Chippewa (715) 559-0684

Carl Francis
NRPP Certification:  103660RMT
Expiration:  01/31/2016

Radon Measurement and Mitigation, Inc.


(920) 948-1345
Daniel Tompkins
NRPP Certification: 105008RMT
Expiration:  6/30/2016
S.W.A.T.  Environmental Columbia (608) 256-9606
George Booth
NRPP Certification:  107258RMT
Expiration:  9/30/2015
S.W.A.T.  Environmental Dane (608) 256-9606

Daniel Skelton
NRPP Certification:   105212RMT
Expiration:  01/31/2015

Radon, Inc Dane (608) 467-0257

Michael Gallagher
NRPP Certification:  106251RMT
Expiration:  05/31/2015

M.P.G. Builders Dane (608) 516-5541

Tony Hendricks
NRPP Certification:  104196RMT
Expiration:  04/30/2016

Acura Services Dane (608) 772-2349

John Stolz
NRPP Certification:  105937RMT
Expiration:  06/30/2014

Zander  Solutions Dane (608) 833-6620
Rodney Reible
NRPP Certification:  107491RMT
Expiration:  03/31/2016
Advanced Radon Solutions Dodge (920) 296-4310
Jeffrey Hartman
NRPP Certification:  104926RT
Expiration:  04/30/2016
WI Radon Measurement and Mitigation Eau Claire (715) 559-0684
Steve Polzin
NRPP Certification: 106270RMT
Expiration:  05/31/2015
Classic Radon Services Eau Claire (715) 559-0398

Damian Treiber
NRPP Certification:  100336RMT
Expiration:  2/28/2016

The House Doctor

near Florence

(906) 774-3795

Ron Cutter
NRPP Certification:  106065RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2015

Cutter Vac LLC Fond du Lac (920) 922-3360

Ed Gilgenbach
NRPP Certification:  107092RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2015

Certified Radon Solutions, LLC. Fond du Lac (920) 979-0550

Theodore Gabriel
NRPP Certification:  103610RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016

Gabriel Heating and Radon Services Grant (608) 348-6760

William Tucker
NRPP Certification:  106312RMT
Expiration:  6/30/2015

Tucker Family Construction, LLC Green (608) 862-3641
Karla Newman
NRPP Certification:  101916RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2015
Radon Remedy, LLC


(800) 917-2366
Jeff Tenuta
NRPP Certification:  101809RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2015
American Radon Removal Co


(262) 657-9000

Warren Tuinstra
NRPP Certification:  103960RMT
Expiration:  10/31/2014

Lee Plumbing, Heating and Cooling 


(262) 657-9490
Jeff Engen
NRPP Certification:  104334RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2015
Radon Mitigation Services La Crosse
(507) 493-5252
Dave Richling
NRPP Certification:  104153RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2015
Schneider Heating and Air Conditioning

La Crosse

(507) 493-5252

Jerald Weyer
NRSB Certification:  #301
Expiration:  12/30/2015

Radon Reduction Specialists


(920) 758-2611

Thomas Desautel
NRPP Certification:  103920RMT
Expiration:  6/30/2016

The Radon Man of Wisconsin Marathon (715) 581-4446

Steve Garbacz
NRPP Certification:  100486RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2015

Abatron Engineering


(715) 675-7277

Mark Howe
NRPP Certification:  104707RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2015

Howe Radon Contracting Marathon (715) 370-1402

Keith Fisher
NRPP Certification:  107046RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2015

Accurate Radon Mitigation Systems, Inc. Milwaukee (262) 378-1293

James Clark
NRPP Certification:  106265RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2015

Milwaukee Radon Milwaukee (414) 418-2675
Earl Cull
NRPP Certification: 107113RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2015
Patriot Plumbing Inc. Milwaukee (262) 370-3711

Chase Nicholson
NRPP Certification:  104944RMT
Expiration: 9/30/2015

Paul Nicholson
NRPP Certification:  102418RMT
Expiration: 9/30/2015

Radon Measurement and Elimination Services


(262) 797-8949

(414) 573-1090 (cell)

Tom Heine
NRPP Certification:  101879RMT
Expiration:  1/31/2015

Radon Abatement


(414) 546-3691

Jerome O' Callaghan
NRPP Certification:  105889RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016

Wisconsin Radon and Environmental Milwaukee (414) 477-6026

Chad Rogness
NRPP Certification:  106455RMT
Expiration:  12/31/2015

S.W.A.T Environmental Milwaukee (262) 542-5288
Brett Seebach
NRPP Certification:  107292RMT
Expiration:  10/31/2015
S.W.A.T Environmental Milwaukee (262) 542-5288

Richard Drew
NRPP Certification:  101877RMT
Expiration: 11/30/2015

Allis Environmental Services Milwaukee (414) 303-4338

Kenneth Klimek
NRPP Certification: 106391RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2015

Lindquist Plumbing Oconto (920) 826-6344

Adam Olinski
NRPP Certification:  104255RMT
Expiration:  11/30/2015

A-1 Vacuum Center Outagamie (888) 421-8227

Robert C. Peterson
NRPP Certification:  103965RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2014

Rock Road Plumbing  


(920) 731-2780
Bill Strohmenger
NRPP Certification:  104415RMT
Expiration: 4/30/2015
Radon Busters, LLC


(262) 930-1515

Eric John Lehner
NRPP Certification:  106393RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2015

Stonehenge Development Inc


(414) 659-0928

Mike Trebil
NRPP Certification: 
107548 RT
Expiration:  4/30/2016

GC Companies, LLC

(715) 529-2393

Val Riedman
NRPP Certification:  103414RMT
Expiration:  6/30/2015

Croix Valley Radon Mitigation 


(888) 481-6870

Ernest Eckendorf
NRPP Certification:  102712RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2015

Safe and Secure Inspections


(715) 498-8957

William Seitz
NRPP Certification:  105350RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2015

All In One Portage (715) 445-1900

Jeff Karich
NRPP ID 106046RMT 

Expiration:  5/30/2016

Superior Radon Mitigation, LLC Rock (800) 631-1403

John Thompson
NRPP Certification:  103633RMT
Expiration:  10/31/2015

A.T. Pro Mitigation Systems


(608) 758-0291

Kevin McGuire
NRPP Certificaton:  106476RMT
Expiration:  1/31/2016

Residential Design Associates, LLC Sauk (608) 214-6061

Mike Anderson
NRPP Certification:  105407RMT
Expiration:  11/30/2015

Anderson Heating, Inc. St. Croix (715) 549-6297

Jeff Nelson
NRPP Certification:  104202RMT
Expiration:  11/30/2014

Nelson Construction and Radon Syst. St. Croix (715) 246-5873

Michael Langer
NRPP Certification:  105759RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016

Langer Construction St. Croix (651) 261-1830
David Cook
NRPP Certification:  107496RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2016
DC Mitigation
(262) 749-4266
Christopher Strube
NRPP Certification:  106577RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016
Radon Remediation Specialists Walworth (262) 684-4400
John Gitter
NRPP Certification:  105359RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2015
Radon Doctors LLC Washington (262) 684-4400

Timothy Wendorff
NRPP Certification:  106582RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2014

Advanced Radon Solutions Washington (262) 224-4420

Jeff Hoppe
NRPP Certification:  105173RMT
Expiration:  10/31/2014

AJ Radon Mitigation Services Washington (262) 501-3288

Kurt Hoffmann
NRPP Certification:  102707RMT
Expiration: 4/30/2015 

Freedom Radon Solutions, LLC


(262) 483-3650

Scott Campbell
NRPP Certification:  101552RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2015

Lifetime Radon Solutions Waukesha (262) 370-0045

Gary Lusz
NRPP Certification:   105001RMT
Expiration:  7/31/2014

Best Radon Solutions, LLC Waukesha (262) 745-4764

Rick Weber
NRPP Certification:  104185RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2015

Radon Rescuers LLC


(262) 470-5332

Vaughn Vescio
NRPP Certification:  105154RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2015

Advanced Radon Management


(262) 691-2003

Christopher Strube
NRPP Certification:  106577RMT
Expiration:  5/31/2016

Radon Remediation Specialists Waukesha (262) 684-4400

Keith Toll
NRPP Certification:  103622RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2015

Radon Problem Solvers Waukesha (262) 370-5894

Mike Gryszkiewicz
NRPP Certification: 104175RMT
Expiration:  3/31/2015

Radon Rescuers Waukesha (262) 844-4267
Greg Zetzman
NRSB Certification:  2G0003
Expiration:  10/30/2015
Radon Mitigators Waukesha (262) 538-9966

David Daniels
NRPP Certification:  101792RMT
Expiration:  8/31/2014

Nick Marks
NRPP Certification:  106011RMT
Expiration: 8/31/2014

Shane Vanlinn
NRPP Certification:  105399RMT
Expiration: 9/30/2015

Chris Voigt
NRPP Certification:  102953RMT
Expiration:  4/30/2016

Radon Specialists of Wisconsin


(920) 751-0152

Scott Fischer
NRPP Certification: 107014RMT 
Expiration:  2/28/2015

American Radon Reduction, LLC Winnebago (920) 203-6644

Ken Weber
NRPP Certification:  105560RMT
Expiration:  11/30/2015

The Radon Doctor Wood (715) 305-4356

Bordering States Certified Mitigation Contractor Lists

Please note change: As of October 1, 2012, NEHA is no longer the certifying agency (PDF, 56 KB)

Last Revised:  October 31, 2014