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(RFP # DMHSAS-G1671)

Substance use disorders play a major role in TANF-eligible individuals’ ability to access needed services and assistance, and is a significant factor in one’s ability to secure and maintain employment. There are challenges in the development of treatment plans and employability plans for families involved in multiple systems such as, child welfare, corrections, Wisconsin Works (W-2), domestic violence, and mental health. The major objectives of this grant are to provide comprehensive treatment for substance use disorders, to collaborate with multiple system service organizations in the planning and delivery of services, and to ensure that services proposed meet the needs of each family. Multiple system service delivery and coordination that is strength-based, gender and culturally-sensitive, and family focused is needed in order to best meet the needs of families involved in multiple systems with complex needs. Family and consumer involvement should occur at all stages including planning, development, implementation, evaluation, and next steps.

Deadline: Proposals must be submitted no later than 4:00 PM CST, November 30, 2009. Late Proposals Will Be Rejected.

Last Revised: July 12, 2010