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Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin, Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Statewide Project

RFI # G1680-DPH-BC

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, through the Division of Public Health, announces the release of approximately $215,000 in funding for "Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin", Maternal and Child Health (MCH) statewide project. This funding will build and support a system to review all fetal, infant, and child deaths in Wisconsin and move review recommendations to actions changing local and state policy, environmental and system changes to reduce preventable deaths and saves lives of the most vulnerable of our population. This project expands upon and builds off of the previous work of Keeping Kids Alive in Wisconsin, the State Child Death Review (CDR) project funded in part by the State's MCH Program. This statewide project funding is available through annual contracts for the grant cycle period beginning January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2015.

"Keeping Kids Alive in WI" MCH statewide project addresses the following MCH priorities: 1) increasing the number of women, children, and families who live in safe and healthy communities; 2) reducing heath disparities for women, children, and families, including those with special health care needs; 3) increasing the number of women, men, and families who have knowledge of and skills to promote optimal reproductive health and pregnancy planning. It also addresses the MCH statutory requirements to assure that grief support and education are provided to parents of victims of sudden infant death syndrome (Wis. Stat.253.14)

The MCH Program works with local public health departments, community based organizations, statewide organizations and other providers to provide and or assure quality health services are delivered to mothers, children, and families in Wisconsin. The State's Injury and Violence Prevention Program, with staff funded by MCH dollars, provide injury data analyses and surveillance, education and the promotion of evidence-based interventions; technical assistance to local agencies for effective program development and evaluation; and collaborates with other state agencies to reduce unintentional and intentional or violence-related injuries.

Contact Information: 

Rebecca Turpin at (608) 266-3008 

Katie Gillespie at (608) 266-1538 

Response Due Date & Time: August 30, 2010   4:30 CDT 

Last Revised: September 22, 2010