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Prime Vendor Food Service for DHS facilities

1698 DES-KL

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is soliciting bids for the Division of Enterprise Services (DES) to contract for prime vendor delivery of food commodities, including computerized on-line ordering services. This RFB applies to the following institutions which operate under the direction of DHS, in the Division of Long Term Care (DLTC): Central Wisconsin Center (CWC); Northern Wisconsin Center (NWC); Southern Wisconsin Center (SWC) and in the Division of Mental Health & Substance Abuse: Mendota Mental Health Institute (MMHI); Winnebago Mental Health Institute (WMHI); Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center (SRSTC).

The vendor will be required to provide the following commodities: Dry Goods; Cheese; Cereal; Frozen Foods; Seafood; Poultry; Eggs; Meats; Canned Goods; Produce; Refrigerated Items; Dietetic Items; and occasional Chemicals, Paper Supplies and miscellaneous food service supplies. The types and quantities of commodities purchased will vary with the facilities' needs. The institutions reserve the option to make seasonal produce purchases from local sources.

Proposal Due Date & Time: June 16, 2010  10:00 AM CST

Last Revised: July 12, 2010