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Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) Nursing Home Consultation List

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The Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) is committed to improving resident care outcomes. One of the ways DQA practices this commitment is through clinical consultation.

DQA consultation staff are available to provide facilities information related to quality of life and quality of care in nursing homes.

Please find below a resource list that will guide you to the correct information source. If you are unsure who to contact, please E-mail the Division of Quality Assurance, or call (608) 266-8481.

For Information on:

Contact: (phone number information listed below)

Active Treatment - ICF/IID

Dinh Tran, Sherri Olson

Activity Programming

Dinh Tran

ADL Functional Assessment

Vicky Griffin

Advanced Directives

Vicky Griffin, Dinh Tran

Assessment - NH, General

Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig

Behavioral Problems

Dinh Tran

Care Planning - NH

Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig

CMS Functions - NH, General

Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig

Compliance History

Regional Offices


Vicky Griffin, Vickie Bergquist


Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig, Dinh Tran

Developmental Disability Levels of Care

Sherri Olson, Dinh Tran

Diet Modification

Vickie Bergquist

Dietary Services

Vickie Bergquist


Vickie Bergquist


Vickie Bergquist

Environmental Issues

Dinh Tran

Falls Assessment

Vicky Griffin

Feeding Assessment

Vickie Bergquist

Federal Enforcement Bob Huncosky

Fire Reporting (within 72 hours)

Henry Kosarzycki

Food Safety - Infection Control

Vickie Bergquist

Food Service - Operations

Vickie Bergquist

Forfeitures Gail Hansen

Hospice Regulations

Mary Jo Sutton

Incontinence - Urinary/Bowel

Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig

Infection Control

Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig, Sherri Olson

Infectious Waste

Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig

Level of Care Determinations

Pat Virnig, Vicky Griffin

Life Safety Code

David Soens


Vickie Bergquist

Medical Records - General

Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig

Medical Social Services

Vicky Griffin, Dinh Tran, Pat Virnig

Medication Administration

Doug Englebert

Menu Planning

Vickie Bergquist

Minimum Data Set - Automation

Chris Benesh

Minimum Data Set - Coding

Peg Katz

Pain Management

Doug Englebert, Vicky Griffin

Palliative Care

Mary Jo Sutton

Patient Rights-Hospice

Mary Jo Sutton


Doug Englebert

Plans of Correction

Vicky Griffin, Dinh Tran, Pat Virnig

Policy and Procedure Development

Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig

Pressure Sore - Assessment

Vicky Griffin, Pat Virnig

Program Plan - ICF/IID

Sherri Olson, Dinh Tran

Psychosocial Well-Being Assessment

Dinh Tran

Record Requests Gina Bertolini

Regulations - General

Regional Offices, Bob Huncosky

Resident Assessment Instrument

Peg Katz

Resident/Client Abuse

Dinh Tran

Resident Rights

Dinh Tran

Restraints - Physical

Dinh Tran

Social Services

Dinh Tran

Standard Precautions

Vicky Griffin

State Licensure - Medicaid/Medicare Certification

Gail Hansen

Surety Bonds

Dinh Tran

Traumatic Brain Injury (new programs only)

Denise Torgeson

Tube Feeding

Vickie Bergquist

Waivers - Health Gail Hansen
Waiver - Life Safety Code Henry Kosarzycki

Phone Numbers:

  • Regional offices and contacts

  • Benesh, Chris - (608) 266-1718

  • Bergquist, Vickie - (920) 983-3184

  • Gina Bertolini - (608) 266-8368

  • Englebert, Doug - (608) 266-5388 or (262) 538-0271

  • Griffin, Vicky - (414) 227-4705

  • Hansen, Gail - (608) 266-2966

  • Huncosky, Bob - (608) 266-9697

  • Katz, Peg - (715) 836-6748

  • Kosarzycki, Henry - (414) 227-4951

  • Olson, Sherri - (715) 836-2299

  • Soens, David - (608) 266-9675

  • Sutton, Mary Jo - (920) 983-3188

  • Torgeson, Denise - (608) 266-7345

  • Tran, Dinh - (608) 266-6646

  • Virnig, Pat - (608) 266-8886

Last Updated: July 16, 2013