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Post Survey Questionnaire Now Available via On-Line Survey

PDF Version of OQA 06-031 (PDF 25 KB)

Date:   December 11, 2006 -- OQA Memo 06-031

To:       Adult Day Care Centers ADC 11
             Adult Family Homes AFH 14
             Ambulatory Surgery Centers ASC 07
             Certified Mental Health and AODA CMHA 05
             Community Based Residential Facilities CBRF 16
             End Stage Renal Dialysis Units ESRD 06
             Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled (FDD) FDD 08
             Home Health Agencies HHA 06
             Hospices HSPC 09
             Hospitals HOSP 14
             Nursing Homes NH 16
             Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities OPT/SP 05
             Residential Care Apartment Complexes RCAC 12
             Rural Health Clinics RHC 05

From: Jan Eakins, Chief, Provider Regulation and Quality Improvement

Via:      Otis Woods, Director, Office of Quality Assurance 

Post Survey Questionnaire Now Available via On-Line Survey

Overview: This memo announces that the Post Survey Questionnaire, which has been offered to some providers since 2000 and all provider types since January 1, 2004, is now available for completion on- line. This memo replaces DDES-BQA 03-015.


In 2000, the Health Services Section within OQA began distributing post-survey questionnaires to non-long term care providers. On January 1, 2004, the questionnaire was expanded to include all OQA provider types. A recent analysis of the data collected revealed that overall satisfaction with the survey process, statements of deficiency, and survey task performance was consistently high across all provider types. Response rate was 16% in 2004 and 12% in 2005. By offering the option to complete the questionnaire on-line, it is hoped that a higher response rate can be achieved.

The Office continues to be very interested in how providers experience survey and licensing processes and whether the provider fully understands how their particular survey and its results affect them.

Two Options for Completing the Questionnaire:

OQA staff will continue to provide a paper copy of the Post Survey Questionnaire whenever they are on site for an initial, annual or complaint survey.

The Post Survey Questionnaire provided to the facility will also include an internet link where the provider can access the questionnaire and complete it on-line. Providers are encouraged to complete either the paper version or the on-line version. Please complete only one questionnaire per survey event. If completing the questionnaire using the paper copy, it should be mailed to the address designated on the cover page attached to the questionnaire. The website link can be located at:

The questions are not specific to a particular provider type and some may not pertain to your facility. When this occurs, please check the "N/A" box and proceed to the next question or group of questions. Also provided is an opportunity to comment on a specific area(s) of the survey. We welcome your narrative comments. The questionnaires, particularly comment areas, are reviewed routinely by OQA senior management.

OQA is committed to continuous quality improvement. We expect it from the providers we regulate and we expect it of ourselves. We will use the information facilities submit to us through this questionnaire to review, revise and improve OQA systems and practices. Respondents may remain anonymous, and reports of the questionnaire results never include the identity of individual providers/facilities. While completion of the questionnaire is voluntary, your participation is vital; we need to hear from you! If you have any questions related to this, please contact Jan Eakins at (608) 266-2055 or at

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