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PDF Version DQA 12-011  (PDF, 123 KB)

Date: July 24, 2012 - DQA Memo 12-011
To: Adult Day Care ADC 02
Adult Family Homes AFH 05
Ambulatory Surgery Centers ASC 02
Certified Mental Health and AODA CMHA 02
CLIA-Certified Laboratories CLIA 02
Community Based Residential Facilities CBRF 06
End Stage Renal Dialysis ESRD 02
Facilities Serving People with Developmental Disabilities FDD 04
Home Health Agencies HHA 02
Hospices HSPCE 02
Hospitals HOSP 03
Nursing Homes NH 08
Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities OPT/SP 02
Personal Care Providers PCP 02
Residential Care Apartment Complexes RCAC 05
Rural Health Clinics RHC 02
From: Otis Woods, Administrator
Division of Quality Assurance

e-SOD/e-POC Initiative, Provider Search Application, and Online Posting of SODs and POCs

e-SOD/e-POC Initiative

Since 2007, the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) has been piloting electronic delivery of Statements of Deficiencies (SODs) and receipt of Plans of Correction (POCs). This process involves e-mail delivery of an electronic copy of the SOD and allows the provider to complete the required plan of correction electronically and submit it to DQA by replying to the original e-mail. Feedback from the providers participating in the pilot project has shown wide acceptance of this format and encouragement to extend this process to all DQA-regulated providers.

DQA is now prepared to extend this option to all provider types and facilities on a voluntary basis. Effective immediately, DQA will serve SODs to and accept POCs from all regulated providers using e-mail, with the exception of assisted living facilities (adult day cares, adult family homes, community-based residential facilities, and residential care apartment complexes), which will be included at a later date. POCs will be completed by the provider using a standard Word-compatible form that will be sent by DQA along with the SOD being served and any other necessary documents.

A Provider Agreement form is used to obtain authorization from providers to receive SODs electronically using an e-mail address they specify. The effective date of service for SODs is the date the transmitting e-mail message is sent from DQA to the provider's authorized representative. Providers not electing to use the e-SOD/e-POC process will continue to have SODs served by mail and will be required to complete the POC on paper and return it to DQA by mail.

Information about the e-SOD/e-POC process is available on the following DQA web page:

Provider Search Application

The DQA Provider Search application is now available on the web. This Internet-based application includes all provider types regulated by DQA and allows consumers to search for providers they are interested in by entering geographic and other search criteria. Users may search for information by identifying specific types of health care providers, an individual provider's name, a specific county, city, or zip code, or by proximity (distance in miles) to a specified zip code. Users interested in assisted living facilities can also search for providers licensed to serve specific client groups.

All providers matching a user's search criteria will display in a list, along with a Google map identifying their location. Users may then select a specific provider and obtain additional information, including the provider's name, address, telephone number, licensure and/or certification type, ownership information, and a link to driving directions. Following initial implementation of the search application, it will also be possible to view Statements of Deficiency and Plans of Correction for the selected provider (see below for details).

The Provider Search application may be accessed on the DQA website at:

Posting of SODs and POCs

In response to language in section 6103 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), and in an effort to provide better access to information to providers and the public, survey documents will also be made available through the Provider Search application described above.

The ACA requires state survey agencies like DQA to maintain a consumer-oriented website providing useful information to consumers regarding all nursing facilities in the state, including form 2567 State inspection reports (SODs), complaint investigation reports, the facility's plan of correction (POC), and other information that may help the public assess care options and the quality of care provided by individual facilities. The Provider Search application will be the platform DQA uses to meet this requirement of the ACA.

For surveys conducted July 1, 2012, and later, SODs and POCs will be available to view through the Provider Search application for all facilities regulated by DQA. The SOD(s) issued for a particular survey will not be posted until DQA has reviewed and approved the provider's corresponding Plan of Correction. The functionality to add these documents to the Provider Search application is currently in development and should be implemented later this year. As resources permit, links to other documents such as the annual Consumer Information Reports DQA publishes for nursing facilities or quarterly Assisted Living Facility Profiles will also be made available.

The posting of these documents online is a separate process from the current DQA e-SOD/e-POC initiative (see above). Therefore, even if a facility declines to participate in electronic receipt/submission, SODs and POCs for that facility will still be posted on the Provider Search application. In accordance with the requirements of section 6103, SODs and POCs will be available on the site for at least three years after the survey date.

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Last Updated: July 24, 2012