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2001 OQA Numbered Memos

Number gaps indicate obsoleted memos removed from this list

DQA/BQC Memos 1983-1998 - Indexes and PDF versions of all still-current memos published 1998 and earlier.

Memo# and Providers Affected



01-055 - Nurse Aide Training Programs, Nursing Homes


Medication Administration in Nursing Homes

01-053 - WI Nurse Aide Training Program & Directory Manual Available On-Line - OBSOLETED 7/11

01-052 - Home Health Agencies


HFS 133.09(3)(a), Notice of Discharge

01-051 - Adult Day Care Centers, Adult Family Homes, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Certified Mental Health & AODA Programs, Community Based Residential Facilities, End Stage Renal Dialysis Units, Facilities Serving People with Developmental Disabilities, Home Health Agencies, Hospices, Hospitals, Nurse Aide Training Programs, Nursing Homes, Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, Residential Care Apartment Complexes, Rural Health Clinics


New Procedure for Disseminating BQA Memos

01-050 Regional Office Moves - OBSOLETE 8/05

01-048 - Hospitals, End Stage Renal Dialysis


ALERT - Dialyzer Recall by Baxter

01-046 - Hospitals


Hospital Condition of Participation: Patients' Rights, "One Hour Rule"

01-044 - Home Health Agencies


Home Health OASIS Update

01-042 - Hospices, Nursing Homes


Guidelines for Care Coordination: Hospice Patients in Nursing Homes

01-037 - Adult Family Homes, Community Based Residential Facilities


CBRF/AFH Medication Management Q&A

01-035 - Community Substance Abuse Service Providers (AODA), Community Based Residential Facilities, Hospitals, Residential Care Apartment Complexes


HFS 75 / HFS 83 Admin Rule Cross-System Implementation

01-034 - Recall of Fire Protection System Sprinklers - OBSOLETE 03/13

01-032 - Hospitals


Clarification: Environmental Suicide Prevention

01-031 - Hospices


Hospice Update

01-030 - Home Health Agencies


Home Health Update

01-029 - OASIS Update - OBSOLETE 05/06

01-028 - Nursing Homes


Verification of Compliance Policies and Setting Sanction Effective Dates

01-026 - Shared Resident Spaces in Mixed Occupancy Buildings - Currently Under Review

01-025 - Facilities Serving People with Developmental Disabilities


Evacuation Drills in ICF/MRs

01-023 - Community Based Residential Facilities, Facilities Serving People with Developmental Disabilities, Nursing Homes, Residential Care Apartment Complexes


Baseboard Heaters

01-021 - Employment Requirements: "Nurse Technicians," Student Nurses as Nurse Aides - OBSOLETE, replaced by 11-006

01-017 - Home Health Update: Chapter HFS 133, WI Administrative
Code - OBSOLETE, replaced by 07-022

01-016 - Home Health Agencies


Home Health Update

01-015 - Certified Mental Health and AODA Programs


Certification of Waivers, Variances Submitted to the Program Cert Unit

01-013 - Home Health Agencies


OASIS Update

01-012 - Double Occupancy Operating Rooms - OBSOLETE 03/13

01-001 - Unit Dose Packaging Requirements - OBSOLETED by 09-007

Last Updated: January 09, 2014