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04/17/14 DQA Quarterly Information Update - April 2014
04/17/14 FYI/Attention: Nursing Homes only/Important message regarding reporting Alleged
04/17/14 FYI/Attention: Clinical Laboratories/National Provider Call - Registration Now Open
04/16/14 FYI/CMS National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes
04/11/14 Important message regarding reporting Alleged Nursing Home Resident Mistreatment Reporting
03/06/14 Release of the Revised CBRF Medication Administration Curriculum
02/12/14 FYI/FDA warns against using Uncle Ben's Infused Rice
02/10/14 Department Health Services Dementia Care System Redesign
02/04/14 FYI/Intimacy and Sexuality in Dementia Care: A Train-the-Trainer Program
01/24/14 Wisconsin Propane Fuel Shortage - Survey for DQA Regulated Providers
01/24/14 FYI/CDC launches new website for preventing infections in LTC
01/17/14 FYI/CDC Health Advisory: Human Infection with Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus
01/10/14 DQA Memo 14-001/Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Update
01/07/14 FYI/Nursing Homes Needed to Participate in UW Project
01/02/14 Department of Health Services Dementia Care System Redesign Plan
01/02/14 FYI /CDC Health Advisory - Notice to Clinicians: Early Reports of pH1N1-Associated Illnesses for the 2013-14 Influenza Season
01/02/14 Sexuality and Intimacy Train the Trainer - DATES.PDFS
11/11/13 DQA Memo 13-023/Evacuation of Residents with Special Needs
11/06/13 FYI/DHS - Dementia Care Stakeholder Summit report
10/28/13 CDC & SIPC One & Only Campaign: Single‐Dose or Multi‐Dose?
10/28/13 FYI/NPUAP Best Practices for Prevention of Medical-Device-Related Pressure Ulcers Posters
10/22/13 FYI/FOCUS 2013 Special Session "The Art and Science of Dementia Care without Drugs"
10/22/13 DQA Memo 13-20/Addendum to Policy
10/21/13 FYI/Reporting,preventionandcontrolofacuterespiratoryillnessoutbreaksinlong‐termcarefacilities
10/09/13 2013-2014 Recommendations for Use of Seasonal Influenza Vaccines
09/18/13 Small Business Summit Invite - 2013
09/16/13 FYI/DHS Division of Quality Assurance Northeastern Regional Office Move
09/12/13 DQA Pharmacy Newscapsule/July - August 2013
09/11/13 Attention Hospital & NH Infection Preventionists: CRE Prevention Toolkits Now Available on the DPH Website
09/10/13 FOCUS 2013 Conference
08/21/13 HIPAA Final Rule Recommendations for Facility Compliance
08/21/13 Wisconsin Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) in Long-Term Care Coalition Website Now Available
08/13/13 FYI/Registration for DQA and UW Oshkosh Workshops - Designed to Meet Staff Training & Misconduct Reporting Needs
08/02/13 FYI/Registration for DQA and UW Oshkosh Workshops
07/18/13 FYI/Heat Awareness
07/16/13 FYI/Attention Nursing Homes - The Wisconsin Music & Memory Initiative Video Conference
07/09/13 FYI/Educational Conference for Infection Preventionists Working in WI NHs - Registration Open
07/02/13 FYI/An Invitation to Nursing Homes To Participate in the Wisconsin Music & Memory
07/01/13 FYI/Reminder - Mandatory 4 year renewal of Licensee Background Check information
06/05/13 FYI/MDS-Basics 2013 training registration open
01/17/13 FYI/Wisconsin Quality Coalition (WiQC)
01/16/13 DQA Pharmacy Newscapsule/November - December 2012
01/15/13 FYI/ "Save the Date" Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Workshop Opportunities for LTCF
01/11/13 FYI/WI DPH Influenza Outbreak Resources
01/11/13 DQA Memo 13-002/E-SOD/E-POC Initiative
01/11/13 DQA Memo 13-001/Charging Fees Associated with Changes to a License/Certificate
01/04/13 FYI/Notice of WI Division of Public Health Influenza Outbreak Webcast
12/10/12 FYI/WI Division of Public Health - Important Influenza Information
12/07/12 DQA Memo 12-020/Clarification Concerning Posting Requirements for Nurse Staffing
12/07/12 DQA Memo 12-019/New Lean Plan Review Application
12/06/12 FYI/Summary of WI Caregiver Training on Abuse & Neglect Prevention Project
12/03/12 DQA Memo 12-018/2011 Wisconsin Act 160 Licensing Anesthesiologist Assistants
12/03/12 FYI/LTC Baseline Prevention Practices Assessment Online Survey deadline extended to 12/7/12
11/29/12 FYI/Special Message to NH Providers from CMS/Free "Hand in Hand" Training Materials
11/15/12 FYI/Info from WI DPH/Reporting, prevention & control of acute respiratory illness outbreaks in LTC facilities
10/30/12 FYI/FOCUS 2012: Conference is Filled to Capacity - Registration Closed
10/29/12 FYI/AMDA: Nursing Homes Needed to Participate
10/26/12 FYI/Additional info related to previous FDA Announcement on Fungal Meningitis Outbreak
10/22/12 Pharmacy Newscapsule/September - October 2012
10/17/12 DQA Memo 12-017/LTC Baseline Prevention Practices Assessment Online Survey
10/16/12 FYI/FDA MedWatch - FDA Statement on Fungal Meningitis Outbreak: Additional Patient Notification Advised
10/12/12 FYI/AMDA Foundation Seeks Facilities for Influenza Study
10/08/12 FYI/WI Clinical Resource Center Project
10/04/12 DQA Memo 12-016/Wisconsin Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) in Long-Term Care Coalition
09/26/12 FYI/NEWS RELEASE:NPUAP Announces Release of Newly Developed Cartilage Position Statement
09/26/12 Pharmacy Newscapsule/July - August 2012
09/10/12 FYI/FOCUS 2012 - Registration Open
08/31/12 FYI/CMS S&C Memo 12-42 - Request to Convey Information: Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in NHs
08/22/12 DQA Memo 12-015/Requirements Regarding the Confidentiality & Disposal of HC & Related Records
08/22/12 DQA Memo 12-014/Adult Family Home Training - Revised Requirements
08/22/12 FYI/Reminder: MDS-BASIC 2012 (Fall) Training Program
08/21/12 DQA Memo 12-013/Fire Watch, Fire Plan, and Fire Reporting Update
08/09/12 DQA Memo 12-012/Authentication of Physician Orders in Hospitals
07/25/12 DQA Memo 12-010/Summary Survey Report - Due September 20, 2012
07/25/12 DQA Memo 12-011/e-SOD/e-POC Initiative, Provider Search Application, & Online Posting of SODs & POCs
07/24/12 MDS-BASIC 2012 (Fall) Training Program
07/24/12 FYI/DQA and UW Oshkosh Repeat Abuse Prevention Training for Trainers
07/16/12 FYI/WI BOALTC Press Release - Medigap Helpline Opens New Medicare Part D & Prescription Drug Helpline
06/29/12 DQA Quarterly Information Update/July 2012
06/28/12 FYI/WI Emergency Management News Release- Dangerous heat expected this week
06/27/12 Joint Division Memo - DQA Memo 12-009/DLTC Memo 2012-02/MDS 3.0 Section Q Referral
06/27/12 DQA Pharmacy Newscapsule/May-June 2012
06/20/12 DQA Memo 12-008/Heat Awareness
06/08/12 Department of Health Services/DQA FOCUS 2012 Conference - November 28-29, 2012
05/24/12 SC12-30 Use of Insulin Pens in Health Care Facilities.pdf
05/14/12 DQA Memo 12-006/2011 WI Act 161 Auth PAs to Complete Certain Medically-Related Actions
05/11/12 DQA Memo 12-007/Medication Setup in Assisted Living and Adult Day Care
05/11/12 DQA Memo 12-005/Guidance for the Safe Use of Oxygen - Use of Hair Dryers
05/07/12 FYI/Reminder - DQA & UW Oshkosh Investigation & Misconduct Reporting Training dates
05/03/12 FYI/Collaborative WI Long Term Care Leadership Training Course & Certification
05/03/12 Pharmacy Newscapsule/March-April 2012
05/03/12 DQA Quarterly Information Update/April 2012
04/27/12 FYI/FDA Warning Reminder - Fentanyl Transdermal patch
04/27/12 FYI/Revisions to MDS 3.0 RAI Manual & subsets
04/23/12 DQA Memo 12-004/Changes in DQA - BAL/SRO
04/23/12 FYI/DQA & UW Oshkosh Investigation & Misconduct Reporting Training dates
04/17/12 FYI/Division of Quality Assurance - NOAA Weather Radio survey
04/05/12 DQA Memo 12-003/Independent Informal Dispute Resolution (Independent IDR)
04/03/12 FYI/To: Medicare or Medicaid Certified Nursing Homes - Virtual PACE information
03/22/12 FYI/Division of Quality Assurance Information - Reminder/MDS 3.0 Basic Training
03/09/12 FYI/Reminder - DHS CBRF Registry Training Services Information
03/07/12 FYI/CDC information - Making Health Care Safer Stopping C. difficile Infections
03/07/12 FYI/DHS Press Release - Collaborative Wound Care Prevention Program Announcement
02/28/12 FYI/WI Division of Public Health Advisory: Increased Respiratory Illness in Long-term Care Facilities
02/20/12 FYI/DQA and UW Oshkosh Repeat Abuse Prevention Training for Trainers
02/17/12 2012 Bureau of Assisted Living/Assisted Living Forum (March 13, 2012)
02/16/12 DQA Memo 12-002/Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections Use of a Catheter - Standard of Practice Resource
02/16/12 REVISED/DQA Memo 11-021 - CMS S & C Memo 11-30 Reporting Reasonable Suspicion of a Crime in a LTC Facility
02/13/12 FYI/Division of Quality Assurance Information - MDS 3.0 Basic Training
02/07/12 Pharmacy Newscapsule/January - February 2012
01/18/12 DQA Memo 12-001/CMS S&C Memo 11-35 Mandate of ACA for NAT in NHs
01/09/12 DQA Quarterly Information Update/January 2012
12/15/11 Pharmacy Newscapsule/November-December 2011 (PDF, 19 KB)
12/12/11 DQA Memo 11-034/WI Statutes, Chapter 50, Revisions Relating to State Violations (PDF, 19 KB)
12/08/11 Department of Justice Missing Adult Alert - Assistant Requested (PDF, 29 KB)
12/07/11 Pharmacy Newscapsule/September-October 2011 (PDF, 19 KB)
12/06/11 DQA Memo 11-033/Guidance for F371 (PDF, 19 KB)
12/06/11 DQA Memo 11-032/Guidance for Investigating & Reporting Alleged Violations in Nursing Homes (PDF, 19 KB)
12/02/11 Division of Quality Assurance Information - Winter Safety Measures (PDF, 27 KB)
11/30/11 DQA Memo 11-031/Glucose Meters & Infection Control (PDF, 19 KB)
11/23/11 DHS Public Meeting Notice - Virtual PACE Town Hall Forum (PDF, 20 KB)
11/21/11 DQA Memo 11-030/Adult Family Home Training Requirements (PDF, 19 KB)
11/08/11 FYI/Important Information from WI Division of Public Health Information (PDF, 40 KB)
11/07/11 DQA Memo 11-029/Fees for Copies of HC Provider Records-Effective July 1, 2011 (PDF, 19 KB)
08/10/11 DQA Memo 11-022/US Department of Labor to Allow Limited Participation of Youths in Operation of Power-Driven Patient Lifts (PDF, 19 KB)
08/01/11 DQA and UW Oshkosh Announce New Investigation and Misconduct Reporting Training for Nursing Home Providers (PDF, 21 KB)
07/22/11 DQA Memo 11-021/CMS S&C Memo 11-30 Reporting Reasonable Suspicion of a Crime in a Long-Term Care Facility (PDF, 19 KB)
07/20/11 DQA Quarterly Information Update/July 2011 (PDF, 19 KB)
07/20/11 DQA Memo 11-020/Heat Awareness (PDF, 19 KB)
07/12/11 DQA memo 11-019/Revision: Environmental Suicide Prevention (PDF, 19 KB)
06/24/11 DQA Pharmacy Newscapsule/May-June 2011 (PDF, 18 KB)
06/20/11 Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals (PDF, 21 KB)
06/15/11 FYI/CDC - Patient Testing is Important (PDF, 26 KB)
06/14/11 DQA Memo 11-018/Changes in the DQA SRO - Bureau of Assisted Living (PDF, 19 KB)
06/09/11 DQA Memo 11-017/Electronic Signatures on Health Care Documents (PDF, 19 KB)
06/06/11 FYI/CDC Health Advisory-Shiga Toxin-producing E.coli O104 (STEC O104: H4) Infections in U.S. Travelers Returning from Germany (PDF, 41 KB)
06/01/11 FYI/News Release: Wisconsin Heat Awareness Day - June 9, 2011 (Wisconsin Emergency Management/Department of Military Affairs) (PDF, 62 KB)
06/01/11 DQA Memo 11-016/Guidelines for Use of Sign-Language Interpreter in Nurse Aide Training Program (PDF, 19 KB)
05/31/11 DQA Memo 11-015/Life Safety Code Waiver Requests (PDF, 19 KB)
05/31/11 DQA Memo 11-013/Pre-admission Consultation Requirements (PAC) Revised - Effective Immediately
05/26/11 CBRF Approved Training Program - Fee Reduction
05/18/11 DQA Memo 11-014/Summary of the Division of Quality Assurance Provider Post-Survey Questionnaire
05/17/11 FYI/WI Division of Public Health information - Increased Respiratory Illness in the LTC Facilities
05/16/11 DQA Pharmacy Newscapsule/March-April 2011
05/09/11 FYI/DQA and UW Oshkosh Announce New Investigation Training
04/11/11 DQA Quarterly Information Update/April 2011
04/07/11 DQA Memo 11-010/Notice of Department Designee for CBRF Department-Approved Assisted Living Administrator Training
04/07/11 FYI/CMS Survey & Certification Memo 11-18- To Nursing Homes/Federal Interim Rule Regarding Facility Closure
03/31/11 DQA Memo 11-009/Emergency Preparedness Flood Preparation and Response


Last Revised:  April 18, 2014