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HCFA Informational Release -- Policy Clarification for Home Health Agency (HHA) Parent, Branch, and Subunit Criteria

PDF Version of BQA 99-075 (PDF, 15 KB)

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UPDATE: Please review HCFA letter 1/12/2000 re this memo

Date: December 22, 1999 DSL-BQA-99-075

To: Home Health Agencies HHA 39
Supersedes memo BQA 98-049

From: Jan Eakins, Chief, Provider Regulation & Quality Improvement Section

cc: Sue Schroeder, Director, Bureau of Quality Assurance

Attached is a copy of Program Memorandum, Transmittal No. 99-1 that we received from the federal Health Care Financing Administration. The intent of this memorandum is to provide sufficient information for State Survey Agencies to differentiate between branch office(s) and subunits of the parent home health agency.

This memorandum supersedes program memorandum, Transmittal No. 98-1, dated August 1998, related to parent, branch and subunit criteria previously sent to you via DSL-BQA-98-049.

Questions regarding this information should be directed to Juan Flores , Supervisor, Health Services Section (replaced by Jan Heimbruch, (608) 243-2086) or Barbara Woodford, Home Health Nurse Consultant, Provider Regulation and Quality Improvement Section (replaced by Marianne Missfeldt, (715) 836-4036).

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