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PDF Version of DQA 08-016 (PDF, 27 KB)

Date: June 3, 2008 -- DQA Memo 08-016
To: Ambulatory Surgical  Centers ASC 04
Adult Day Care  ADC 02
Adult Family Home AFH 07
Community Based Residential Facilities CBRF 08
End Stage Renewal Dialysis ESRD 03
Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled (FDD) FDD 08
Home Health Agencies HHA 05
Hospices HSPC 08
Hospitals HOSP 10
Nurse Aide Training Programs NATP 03
Nursing Homes NH 12
Outpatient Rehabilitation Agencies OPT/SP 02
Residential Care Apartment Complexes RCAC 07
Rural Health Clinics RHC 03
Disability Rights of Wisconsin
Board on Aging and Long Term Care
Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups
From: Alfred C. Johnson, Director
Bureau of Technology, Licensing and Education

Otis Woods, Administrator
Division of Quality Assurance

Division of Quality Assurance Complaint Resources

The purpose of this memo is to introduce the new Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) online and toll-free, complaint-intake system.

DQA is responsible for assuring the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Wisconsin. If an individual believes that a caregiver, agency, or DQA-regulated facility has violated State or Federal laws pertaining to regulated entities, that individual has the right to file a complaint with DQA.

In the past, individuals with complaints were instructed to contact the appropriate regional office via telephone or postal mail. These systems are still valid and applicable methods to submit complaints. In addition, DQA has added options for individuals to report their concerns via Internet submission or use of a toll-free telephone number.

Online Complaint Form

The Internet form for submitting a complaint can be accessed at Any individual may file a complaint regarding a (staff) person, agency, or DQA regulated facility (including clinical labs) by supplying the information requested in this online form.

Toll-Free Complaint Phone Number

The phone number for submitting a complaint via the toll-free complaint line is 1-800-642-6552. Any individual may file a complaint regarding a (staff) person, agency, or DQA-regulated facility (including clinical labs) by following the menu instructions and leaving a message in the mailbox.

Long-Term Care Providers

Adult Day Care Providers, Adult Family Homes, Community-Based Residential Facilities, Facilities for the Developmental Disabled, Home Health Agencies, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Residential Care Apartment Complexes are required by applicable administrative code to provide residents and patients with DQA contact information. 

Facilities should continue to provide the appropriate regional office contact information. Facilities are encouraged to provide information on the Internet form and toll-free phone number for submission of complaints as well.

If an individual prefers to file a complaint directly with a regional office, contact information for each Bureau's regions is available at

Non-Long-Term Care Providers

Non-Long Term Care (LTC) providers (Ambulatory Surgery Centers, End Stage Renal Dialysis Units, Home Health Agencies, Hospices, Hospitals, Outpatient Physical Therapy/Speech Language Pathology Services, Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities and Rural Health Clinics) may provide the direct telephone number of the Non-LTC Complaint Coordinator to patients or others who desire to make complaints regarding potential violations of licensure or certification regulations.

Helen Brewster, Complaint Coordinator
DQA/Bureau of Health Services
(608) 266-0224

In Ms. Brewster's absence, telephone messages to (608) 266-0224 will zero out to (608) 264-9888 (the Bureau of Health Services main telephone number), and will then be directed to other Bureau of Health Services staff for a timely response.


Please contact Alfred Johnson at (608) 266-2055 with questions regarding these new complaint resources.

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