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Discontinuing the Issuance of Annual/Biennial Certificates

Date: June 25, 2009
To: Residential Care Apartment Complexes RCAC 07
Adult Day Care Centers ADC 05
From: Kevin Coughlin, Director
Bureau of Assisted Living

Otis Woods, Administrator
Division of Quality Assurance

Discontinuing the Issuance of
Annual/Biennial Certificates

Certified Residential Care Apartment Complexes (RCACs) are required to pay an annual certification fee and submit an annual report. Adult Day Care providers (ADCs) are required to pay a biennial certification fee and submit a biennial report.

Currently, staff in the Bureau of Assisted Living routinely sends new certificates to complexes and providers accompanied by a letter confirming receipt of the annual/biennial certification fee and report. With the continuing growth of the Assisted Living industry and limited Bureau of Assisted Living resources, we are challenged to find ways to streamline our operations, reduce spending, and maintain efficient procedures/practices. 

The Bureau of Assisted Living, beginning July 1, 2009, will therefore no longer routinely issue renewal certificates or send confirmation letters. If a change requiring a new certificate is identified (i.e., change in capacity), a new certificate will of course be issued.

RCACs and ADCs must submit an annual or biennial report along with their annual/biennial certification fees within Department established timelines. Complexes and providers may assume their certification fees have been received by the Bureau of Assisted Living unless contacted by the appropriate regional office.

Certified RCAC and ADC certificates identify a "Current Certification Period." On or about July 1, 2009, all certified RCACs and ADC providers will receive a new certificate that will only identify the "Initial Certification Date." After July 1, 2009, the Department will no longer issue annual or biennial renewal certificates for RCACs or ADCs.

If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this memorandum, please feel free to contact your Assisted Living Regional Director. Regional contact information can be found at the following website:


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