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Informational Papers Pertaining to Chapter 980

The following link contains an overview to the 980 process:
Chapter 980 Overview (773KB, PDF)

Presentation to the Legislative Council Special Committee on Sexually Violent Person Commitments
“Chapter 980: The Law, Implementation and Issues” (46.6KB, PDF)

Projecting the Amount of Sexual Recidivism Prevented by the Chapter 980 Program (Wisconsin's Civil Commitment for Sex Offenders)
Document (39.5KB, PDF)

Report to the Advisory Committee for the Siting of an SVP Transitional Facility in Milwaukee County
(Submitted pursuant to 2003 Wisconsin Act 187)
Document (39.8KB, PDF)

Legislative Audit Bureau Report 13-12 August 2013
Supervised Release Placements and Expenditures
Department of Health Services
Document (1.40 MB, PDF)

Report to the Director including historical data with recidivism and revocation for CY 2009-2011 
"Chapter 980 Discharge  Supervised Release - CY 09-11" (2.34 MB, PDF)

Presentation to the Joint Legislative Council Special Committee on Supervised Release and Discharge
Document (507KB, PDF)


Last Revised:  April 10, 2014