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Mission Statement

The FIRST mission of Sand Ridge is to enhance public safety, which is accomplished by:

  • Researching the causes and treatment of sexual violence.

  • Assessing individuals for commitment purposes under the State's Sexually Violent Persons Law.

  • Treating and teaching patients and others with the goal of providing a safer return to the community for individuals with a history of sexual aggression.

  • Exercising custody and control over individuals in a manner that reduces the opportunities for sexually violent re-offending.

Vision Statement

The Sand Ridge Treatment Center will make Wisconsin a safer place by reducing the level of sexual violence in society.  Further, Sand Ridge will be a national center of excellence in the evaluation and treatment of sexual violence.  Towards these ends, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Individuals can make positive changes in their lives and behavior, including the elimination of sexually violent acts.

  • An organizational culture of treatment/learning opportunities in a respectful environment can foster positive behavioral change.

  • Knowledge based on research must guide all evaluation and treatment activities.

  • Society has the right to be protected from those individuals unable or unwilling to change their pattern of destructive behavior involving sexual violence.

Last Revised:  July 12, 2010