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Health Priorities

This page provides access to state-level data on indicators that track progress toward meeting objectives in Healthiest Wisconsin 2010 (the State Health Plan). The State Health Plan includes 11 health priorities and five infrastructure priorities. This page allows a user to access objectives and indicator data by health priority.

From the list below, select a health priority to see its objectives and indicator data.

  1. Access to Primary and Preventive Health Services
  2. Adequate and Appropriate Nutrition
  3. Alcohol and Other Substance Use and Addiction
  4. Environmental and Occupational Health Hazards
  5. Existing, Emerging, and Re-Emerging Communicable Diseases
  6. High-Risk Sexual Behavior
  7. Intentional and Unintentional Injuries and Violence
  8. Mental Health and Mental Disorders
  9. Overweight, Obesity, Lack of Physical Activity
  10. Social and Economic Factors that Influence Health
  11. Tobacco Use and Exposure

Note:  Health priorities are listed alphabetically and have been assigned a letter for identifying related objectives. Priorities are not ranked by importance, since no single priority is more important than any other.

The relationship between specific health conditions and the State Health Plan health priorities is depicted in a grid, available as either a read-only document (PDF, 40 KB) or a data file (Excel, 49 KB). The grid shows which health conditions can be expected to decrease in prevalence or severity when a given health priority is addressed.

PDF: The free Adobe Reader software is needed to view and print portable document format (PDF) files.  Learn more.

Last Revised:July 12, 2010