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Refugee Health

Class B1/B2 TB information

Immigrants and refugees are screened overseas for tuberculosis by panel physicians.  During that exam, if concerns related to tuberculosis are identified, the condition is given a Class B TB status of 1, 2 or 3 depending on what was identified.  Upon arriving in the United States these individuals are required to contact the health department for assessment of their current TB status.  Local health departments have the responsibility to facilitate the US evaluation for individuals with a Class B TB condition and report the screening results back to the Wisconsin TB Program.  

The Wisconsin TB Program:

  • Receives documentation from the CDC Division of Quarantine regarding all refugees and immigrants with TB Class Conditions arriving in Wisconsin, reviews records for TB follow-up needs and refers to local public health agencies.
  • Tracks TB screening, follow-up, and treatment for LTBI obtained by all newly arrived refugees and immigrants with TB Class Conditions and reports results to CDC.

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Last Revised: July 23, 2014