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Statewide Trauma Advisory Council Members | Regional Trauma Advisory Council Members

Statewide Trauma Advisory Council Description | Regional Trauma Advisory Council Description 

Statewide Trauma Advisory Council

Members of the Statewide Trauma Advisory Council (STAC) include:

Marshall Beckman MD (Chair)  
David Schultz MD (Vice-Chair)
Mary Anderson RN
Annette Bertelson RN 
Alex Beuning MD
Riccardo Colella MD
Thomas Derrig MD 
Dan Diamon EMT-P 
Brenda Fellenz RN
Jeff Kennett
Ann O'Rourke MD
Jason Selwitschka EMT-P 

Regional Trauma Advisory Councils

Wisconsin recognizes nine Regional Trauma Advisory Councils (RTACs). Identified below are the RTACs, website addresses and contact individuals in each region.

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Fox Valley RTAC


RTAC Coordinator Robert Nack
Chair Jim Austad
Vice-Chair Jason Selwitschka
Secretary Robert Nack
Treasurer Robert Nack
Medical Oversight Craig Schneider
Injury Prevention Valerie Heise 
Performance Improvement Kelly Jung 


North Central RTAC

RTAC Coordinator Michael Fraley
Chair Mark Dascalos
Vice-Chair Michael Clark


Lake Superior RTAC

RTAC Coordinator Dan Diamon
Chair Jan Victorson
Vice-Chair Les Luder
Secretary Dan Diamon
Treasurer Lisa Anderson 
Performance Improvement Dan Diamon


Northeast RTAC

RTAC Coordinator David Taylor
Chair Dr. Steve Stroman 
Vice-Chair Kathy Murphy  


North/Northwest RTAC

RTAC Coordinator Judy Jones
Chair/Secretary Wayne Street 
Co-Chair/Secretary Matt Ryba 
PI/Data Chair Jennifer Mazur
Injury Prevention Chair Kimberly Strasburg  
Education Chair Robin Schultz


South Central RTAC

RTAC Coordinator Dan Williams
Trauma System Specialists Chris Hammes

Chris Carbon


Southeast RTAC

Chairperson Dr. Riccardo Colella   
Vice Chair Lisa Heinz
RTAC Coordinator Duska Stanic
Treasurer Betsy Rambo
Medical Oversight Dr. Steve Andrews
Performance Improvement Gary Rowland
Education Kristin Braun  
Trauma Coordinators/ Registry Karen Keys
EMS Urban Representative Capt. Matthew Karpinski
EMS Rural Representative Chris Cook
Injury Prevention Representative Lisa Hass-Peters 


Southwest RTAC 

RTAC Coordinator Greg Breen
Chair Zach Fronk 
Vice Chair Carl Ukkestad 
Performance Improvement Laurie Nundahl 
Funding Committee Chair Ann Lang 


West Central RTAC

Coordinator Brian Posner
Chairperson Craig Nelson
Vice Chairperson Matt Melby
Secretary Joy Jackson

For corrections to the listings available on this page, please contact the State Trauma Coordinator.

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Last Revised: March 19, 2014