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Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System
Cancer Reporters: Announcements and Materials

This site provides resources for those reporting cancer cases to the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System. You can select a link below to find the various resources available here for cancer reporters, or use the links in the sidebar on any page in the WCRS Cancer Reporters site.

New - Certified Tumor Registrar Education Program

WCRS is pleased to announce the Cancer Information Management education program at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, which will provide specialized training for Certified Tumor Registrar certification. Please visit the Southwest Wisconsin Technical College website (exit DHS) for details about the new Cancer Information Management program starting in the fall of 2014.

Reminder Notice: 2012 and 2013 Cancer Case Reporting

  • Cases diagnosed in 2012 (and earlier) were due to WCRS by July 1, 2013 and should be submitted immediately.
  • Cases diagnosed through August 2013 were due to WCRS by March 1, 2014.

In order to monitor your facility's compliance, it is important to notify WCRS if your facility:

  • Has had a significant increase or decrease in your cancer caseload;
  • Has begun reporting for another facility (clinic/physician office or hospital);
  • Has stopped reporting for another facility (clinic/physician office or hospital); or
  • Expects a delay in cancer reporting at any time.

WCRS has a list of contract abstracting services that can be used to help facilities with backlogs in reporting. Please contact us to obtain the list.

AbtractPlus Software

Please note: A new version of AbstractPlus software is expected to be released in 2014. This new version will replace all earlier versions and is compliant with all state reporting requirements. A link to the new version will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

Last Revised:  July 02, 2014