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CSv2 Webcasts - Genitourinary Cancer

CSv2 Main Page | CSv2 101 | Breast | Genitourinary | Lung | Melanoma

Starting with cancer cases diagnosed in 2010, Collaborative Stage version 2 (CSv2) is the required staging schema for cancer reporting. This CSv2 Genitourinary Cancer webcast is intended for cancer reporters working in American College of Surgeons facilities (or in non-ACoS facilities that follow ACoS guidelines).

Please download or copy (or have handy) the following materials before viewing this training session. A link to the training webcast appears below the list of materials. The appropriate site schema will be addressed during this presentation.

Collaborative Stage version 2 - Genitourinary (webcast, help)

If you have any questions, please contact Carole.

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Last Revised:  September 06, 2012