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Collaborative Stage Version 2 (CSv2) Webcasts

Starting with cancer cases diagnosed in 2010, CSv2 is the required staging schema for cancer reporting. There are significant and numerous changes from Version 1 to Version 2 on cancer cases. All cancer reporters working in American College of Surgeons (ACoS) facilities (or in non-ACoS facilities that follow ACoS guidelines) need to view these training webcasts (or have attended an on-site presentation) to successfully complete the Collaborative Staging for these cases.

The first webcast available from this page is CSv2 101, which explains some of the basics of this staging system.

The site-specific presentations address changes only for breast, melanoma, genitourinary and lung cancer and are intended for ACoS-approved facility staff and others with a satisfactory understanding of collaborative staging. They contain information above and beyond what is required solely for state reporting. Two Web-based trainings on state reporting requirements are also available.

CSv2 101 | Breast | Genitourinary | Lung | Melanoma

If you have any questions, please contact Carole.

Last Revised:  December 15, 2011