Celebrating Cultural Diversity

"International Food Festival" "Celebrating Diversity through Food," DHS Employees

Was on Display:
January - February 2012
Floor 1 Display Cabinet

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the "Celebrating Cultural Diversity Through Food Sharing" Kick-Off Event on January 19, 2012.

We enjoyed tasty cuisine and learned about the cultural importance of these foods from nations/countries/territories; such as, Albania, India, China, Finland, Central African Republic, Sicily, Germany, Sweden, Jamaica, Norway, Ireland,  Slovakia, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Puerto Rico, and Trinidad. There was also food from the United States represented by dishes from the African American and Native American groups.

Kudos to all who prepared these wonderful foods and to the whole Affirmative Action Advisory Committee for a job well done.

In addition to enjoying the food, sharing and fellowship, we collectively raised over $250 dollars in cash and checks and a half barrel of donated foods! This will go a long way to help those in need. Thank You!

The following countries and regions are represented in the display cabinet: Trinidad Tobago, Mark Alfred, Division of Public Health;  Native Americans and Finland, Julie Morello, Division of Public Health; Mexico and Turkey, Maria Flores, Division of Public Health; Denmark, Karyn Krueger, Division of Public Health; Kenya, Fabienne Ouapou-Lena, Division of Public Health; Irish, Reghan O. Walsh, Division of Public Health; Puerto Rico, Themis E. Flores Ramos, Division of Public Health; Moldova, Rebecca Biely, Division of Public Health; and Sicily/Italy, Rita Prigioni, Division of Enterprise Services.

Sample images from the art display at 1 West Wilson Street.  Select each image to open a larger version.

Celebrating Diversity through Food, DHS Employee Celebrating Diversity through Food, DHS Employee Celebrating Diversity through Food, DHS Employee Celebrating Diversity through Food, DHS Employee

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