Green Bay Southwest High School Deaf/Hard of Hearing Program

"Toucan," chalk pastel, Marin Keifer
 "Toucan," Chalk Pastel, Marin Keifer

Two of the artists are WI Licensed Educational Interpreters working for the Green Bay Public School District. The 3rd member of the group is currently a senior at the same school in the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Program.

Was on Display:
March - April 2013
Floor B1, Floor 1 Display Cabinet

"We are a group representing the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Program from Green Bay, Wisconsin at Southwest High School. The first member is Marin Keifer, age 18, a current senior. Her pieces are entitled 'Toucan,' 'London Phone Booth' and 'ILY.' The second member is Jericho Schneider, a sign language interpreter at the same school. Her piece is a ceramic sculpture entitled 'Cogsworth.' The third member is Lisa Andreas, who is also a sign language interpreter. Her pieces are entitled 'Abstraction' and 'Venice.'"

Sample images from the art display at 1 West Wilson Street. Select each image to open a larger version.

"Abstraction," acrylic, Lisa Andreas

"Cogsworth," ceramic, Jericho Schneider
"London Phone Booth," watercolor pencil, Marin Keifer
"Venice," acrylic, Lisa Andreas

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