Johnathan Hernandez

Artwork Exhibit, Futball Mexicano; Created by Johnathan Hernandez
 "Futbol Mexicano," Drawing, Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan is an 8th grade student, who is deaf, in the Oconto Falls School District in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin.

Was on Display:
March - April 2013

"My name is Jonathan Hernandez. I am an eighth grade student in the Oconto Falls School District. I like playing soccer. "Futbol" means "soccer" in Spanish. I would like to play soccer in college and move to Mexico after college. In art class we were learning about the principles of design-emphasis, repetition, and contrast. Each student added a sign language letter, for emphasis, to their favorite logo. Every student in the art class enjoyed adding sign language to their project. They thought it was "cool." I enjoyed making the whole art project and especially appreciated that the hearing students were learning sign language through this art project."

Last Revised: September 14, 2015