Vincent Holmes

Photographic image for exhibit created by Vincent Holmes - UW Terrace Window
 "UW Terrace," Photography, Vincent Holmes

Vincent is retired from the Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, where he worked 29 years in various administrative positions, including 9 years as a District Director for the SW region. 

Was on Display:
March - April 2013
Floor B2

"My name is Vincent Holmes. I have been deaf since age 5 and still making progress with my cochlear implant, which I acquired 14 years ago. I have enjoyed photography in various forms for as long as I've been able to push a shutter button. I am a native of the south having grown up in Tampa, Florida with frequent summers in Georgia and the Low Country (Charleston), South Carolina. Wisconsin has been home for the past 30 years, where I've found a rich variety of landscapes and architecture. Among my favorites are apparently insignificant structures such as Wilkes School outside of Waunakee, and the internationally famous University of Wisconsin sites such at the Union Terrace on Lake Mendota. Regardless of the season, the terrace chairs are always great subjects. I am a son of the south but haven't found farm scenery as beautiful as those I find on random drives through Wisconsin's rural roads. I also enjoy sports photography, and, of course, what I am able to capture during visits to Tampa."

Sample images from the art display at 1 West Wilson Street. Select each image to open a larger version.

"Waunakee School," photography. Vincent Holmes

"UW Terrace Chairs," photography, Vincent Holmes
"Wisconsin Farm," photography, Vincent Holmes
"UW Terrace Windows," photography, Vincent Holmes





If you are interested in purchasing any of Vincent Holmes' photographs, please feel free to contact him by email.

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