Effie Pollock-Guethlein

"Marsh Flower" Acrylics, Effie Pollock-Guethlein
 "Marsh Flower" Acrylics, Effie Pollock-Guethlein

Former Employee: State Nursing Consultant for 25 years, serving families and children with special health care needs within the Department of Public Instruction and the former Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Family Services

Was on Display:
January 2014 - March 2014
Floor 7

"My name is Effie Pollock-Guethlein and I live in the Lake Wisconsin-Lodi Area. I started painting and drawing at an early age. I attended the UW School of Nursing from 1960 to 1964. I have a background in Art History, Painting, and Drawing. I have continued to build my painting skills through the UW Extension classes since 1978. I use Acrylics on 140#/300# cold press watercolor paper. My subjects include Local genie, Landscapes, Animals, and Flowers."



Sample images from the art display at 1 West Wilson Street. Select each image to open a larger version.

"Snickers II," Acrylics, Effie Pollock-Guethlein

"Roadside Poppies" Acrylics, Effie Pollock-Guethlein
"Orange Day Lilies," Acrylics, Effie Pollock-Guethlein
"Lake Wisconsin White Bass," Acrylics, Effie Pollock-Guethlein





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