Chris Prust

Wall Hanging exhibit developed by Chris Prust - Hearing Loop
 "Hearing Loop," Wall Hanging, Chris Prust

Chris Prust submitted her artwork through the Call for Artists from the ODHH Human Services Program Coordinator, Ms. Melani Kaplan.

Was on Display:
March - April 2013
Floor B2

"I was born with a hearing deficit. I struggled for many years without hearing aids and started wearing them in 1986. I am on my 6th pair. Hearing aids and FM systems allowed me to stay employed as a social worker for 34 years. I am now retired.

My struggles with hearing continued throughout my life until I had the experience of using a hearing loop. A hearing loop was installed in my church 4 years ago. It was then that my life changed forever. For the first time in my life, I was able to hear with clarity. It was like the speaker was inside my head and I no longer had to strain to understand the words.

Since then I have advocated for the installation of hearing loops in various venues. I never cease talking about my experience and how it felt to experience 'normal' hearing for the first time in my life. I spend a good share of my time talking with people, writing letters, and being active in the Hearing Loss Association of America local Fox Valley Chapter as Vice President, and also as an active member of the State Board.

I encourage all of you to learn about hearing loops via (exit DHS)."

Last Revised: October 28, 2015