Nilvio Alexander | Punguil Bravo

Artwork created by Nilvio Alexander Punguil Bravo - Replica
 "Replica," Acrylics, Nilvio Alexander Punguil Bravo

This artist received services from the Lead Certification Program in the Division of Public Health

Was on Display:
May 2013 - January 2014
Floor 6

"I was born in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, on June 22, 1982. I currently reside in Madison, WI. I'm taking Liberal Arts credits for transfer to UW-Madison to pursue a teaching degree. I previously received an Associate of Art degree in Graphic Design from Madison College and work as a carpenter and freelance Graphic designer.

When I first came to the United States I could not speak English so it was difficult for me to communicate. The only way to communicate has always been through art. I have been exposing my art around the Madison area for the last two years, in which I have found good vibration and motivation to keep doing it. Other than painting, I write poetry and play music such as drums, guitar, and singing. Whenever there is the chance to share with others I volunteer."

If you are interested in purchasing any of Nilvio Alexander Punguil Bravo's photographs, please feel free to contact him by email.

Sample images from the art display at 1 West Wilson Street. Select each image to open a larger version.

"Santana," acrylics, Nilvio Alexander Punguil Bravo

"Mont Saint-Michael," acrylics, Nilvio Alexander Punguil Bravo
"Bubbles City," acrylics, Nilvio Alexander Punguil Bravo






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