Tess Ruetten

Artwork created by Tess Ruetten - Flowers
 "Flowers," Painting, Tess Ruetten

Tess is Connie Stevens' daughter. Connie works for DHS/DPH/BCHP/FHS/Early Hearing Screen Program. She is the Guide By Your Side Follow-Through Parent Guide Coordinator for Wisconsin.

Was on Display:
March - April 2013
Floor 7

"My name is Tess. I am fourteen years old. My mother is writing this for me, because I am not yet able to express myself in writing. I have Down syndrome and am deaf. I can hear with my one cochlear implant, but I use sign language to express myself and need it from others in order to understand them. I LOVE to create art, especially with paints, markers and pencils. I created this piece at school. I am an in eighth grade at River Valley Middle School in Spring Green. I also like to perform for my family, especially scenes from my favorite movies and circus acts."

Last Revised: September 23, 2015