Maxim Uhlrich

 Photographic image for exhibit created by Maxim Uhlrich - Ponte alle Grazie Bridge
"Ponte alle Grazie Bridge, Florence, Italy," Photography, Maxim Uhlrich

Maxim Uhlrich submitted his artwork through the Call for Artists from the ODHH Human Services Program Coordinator, Ms. Melani Kaplan.

Was on Display:
March - April 2013
Floor B2

"My name is Maxim Uhlrich and I am a Graphic Design student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I grew up in Madison Wisconsin. I am hard of hearing and have used two hearing aids since I was two years old and continue to use my FM assistive listening device at college. I am particularly interested in two-dimensional digital and photographic images. I take great pride in my art. My art is inspired by my surroundings. The art I submitted is part of a collection of photographs I took while traveling in Italy in the summer of 2012."



Sample image from the art display at 1 West Wilson Street. Select image to open a larger version.

Photographic image for exhibit created by Maxim Uhlrich - Sunset on the Arno River





If you are interested in purchasing any of Maxim Uhlrich's photographs, please feel free to contact him by email.

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