Our Locations

The Department of Health Services has more than 6,100 employees operating in 15 offices, institutes and facilities across the state of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services Central Office is located downtown, near the State Capitol and Monona Terrace, at 1 West Wilson Street in Madison, Wisconsin.
The Division of Medicaid Services has two additional offices that make eligibility determinations and make the medical decision for individuals applying for disability benefits.
Central Wisconsin Center is a residential and short-term treatment facility for individuals with developmental disabilities.
Northern Wisconsin Center is a short-term assessment and treatment facility for individuals who have an intellectual disability as well as a mental illness and aggressive or challenging behaviors.
SWC serves individuals with intellectual disabilities, often combined with mental illness and certain problem behaviors.
Located in Madison, MMHI primarily provides services to individuals with a mental illness and involvement with the criminal justice system.
WRC provides specialized treatment services to inmates referred from the Department of Corrections.
Last Revised: July 18, 2017