Information and Assistance

Information & Assistance (I & A) is a core service of an aging and disability resource center (ADRC). Staff at ADRCs assist older adults and adults with disabilities to determine their needs, and consider what services and programs that are available in their area to meet their specific needs. Information about services and programs is contained in the ADRC resource database. Staff search the database to identify specific services and supports and tailor information that best reflects the person's individual situation and preferences.

People may not know to ask for a service by name, so it is important that I & A specialists take the time that is needed to establish a personal rapport, explain the role of the ADRC, and how they will work in collaboration with the person to understand all of the individual's concerns, and be able to offer potential resources and solutions that the individual will choose as their next steps.

The following training resources are available for ADRC staff:

Online Modules

Printed Training Materials

Customer Guidebooks


Motivational Interviewing is a person-centered directive method of communication for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence. This series of webcasts feature Debra Murray, Ph.D., from Viterbo University and Maurine Strickland from the Office for Resource Center Development, and can be accessed through the following link:

2015 ADRC Statewide Survey Results: An Overview for Information & Assistance Specialists

Options Counseling Information


Last Revised: February 27, 2020