2010 Substance Abuse Teleconferences

Materials from 2010 Substance Abuse Teleconferences

Date Title Presenter Materials
January 28 Cultural Awareness: Working with Latinos Brian Serna Handout 1 (PDF, 1314KB)
February 25 Recovery High Schools Monique Bourgeois Handout 1
Slides (PDF,82KB)
Handout 2
Outline (PDF, 183KB)
March 25 Substance Abuse, Trauma and Combat Stress Christine Dunning Handout 1 (PDF, 25KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 25KB)
Handout 3 Slides (PDF, 216KB)
Handout 4 (PDF, 30KB)
April 22 Substance Abuse Treatment for Men Dan Griffin Handout 1 (PDF, 364KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 137KB)
May 27 Energy Drinks: What you need to know when treating Substance Abuse Travis Hunter Handout 1 (PDF, 1401KB)
June 24 Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with HIV / AIDS Ed Johnson Handout 1 (PDF, 314KB)
July 22 Substance Abuse Treatment for the Black community Jonathan Lofgren Handout 1 (PDF, 318KB)
Handout 2 (Exit DHS)
August 26 Providing Children and Family Services for those Affected by Alcohol and Other Drugs Nancy Young Handout 1 (PDF, 965KB)
Handout 2 (PDF, 405kb)
September 23 Opioid Treatment: 101
(NIDA/ATTC has approved this presentation and they are responsible for its content.)
Marvis Doster Handout 1 (PDF, 495KB)
October 28 Substance Abuse, Problem Gambling Treatment and Self Exclusion Melissa Stephens Handout 1 (PDF, 470KB)
Handout 2 (PDF,936KB)
Handout 3 (PDF, 8MB)
Handout 4 (PDF, 83KB)
Handout 5 (PDF, 729B)
November Holiday Break - No teleconference    
December Holiday Break - No teleconference    


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