Bureau of Prevention Treatment and Recovery - Staff Contacts

The Bureau of Prevention Treatment and Recovery is attached to the Division of Care and Treatment Services. It oversees, supports, and funds Wisconsin's community-based behavioral health and human services providers. These agencies provide mental health and substance use programs for adults and children, crisis intervention, prevention services, peer-based services, and inpatient treatment. The focus is on client-centered and recovery-oriented practices. 

For questions about programs and services, please call 608-266-2717.




Joyce Allen

Children Youth and Families Section

The Children Youth and Families Section is responsible for addressing the needs of children and families who have mental health and/or substance use disorders.

Name Area of Responsibility Phone Number
Teresa Steinmetz Section Chief 608-266-2861
Karen Bittner CST Coordinator 608-267-9308
Bridget Buell YES! Communications Specialist 608-264-6528
Julianne Dwyer Promotion of Healthy Children and Families 608-266-2712
Rebecca Kanitz YES! Coordinator 608-261-9045
Jamie McCarville Juvenile Justice AODA, Problem Gambling 608-267-7712
Lucas Moore Adolescent Substance Use Treatment Coordinator 608-267-9741
Sally Raschick CST Coordinator 608-261-9313
Joanette Robertson CST Coordinator, Child and Adolescent Day Treatment 608-266-0907
Kayla Sippl YES! Youth Coordinator 608-266-8084
Rebecca Wigg-Ninham CST Coordinator 608-266-5427

Integrated Services Section

The Integrated Services Section is responsible for implementing and monitoring systems of care that address mental health and substance abuse as well as the provision of technical assistance and quality improvement support to partners and providers.

Name Area of Responsibility Phone Number
Kenya Bright Section Chief 608-267-9392
Faith Boersma Peer Run Respite Coordinator, Peer Run Organizations 608-261-6746
Scott Caldwell Motivational Interviewing, SBIRT Program Coordinator 608-264-9850
Langeston Hughes CCS Coordinator 608-266-9612
Elizabeth Jarvie Consumer Affairs Liaison 608-261-9046
Lalena Lampe Community Program Quality Improvement Specialist 608-266-2476
Bob Meyer Supported Employment/IPS Trainer 608-267-7288
Sola Millard Mental Health Teleconference Planner, PCP Trainer 608-261-6743
Donna Riemer Mental Health Nurse Consultant 608-261-8876
Scott Webb Trauma-Informed Care Coordinator 608-266-3610

Mental Health Services and Performance Management Section

The Mental Health Services and Performance Management Section is responsible for monitoring the programmatic and administrative guidelines for the provision of mental health services throughout the state.

Name Area of Responsibility Phone Number
Kay Cram Section Chief 608-261-9312
Ron Bonlender CRS Coordinator 608-267-9864
Tim Connor Mental Health Data Evaluator 608-261-6744
Michael Derr Performance Contract Specialist 608-267-3948
Brad Munger CSP, Crisis Services, Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Homeless 608-266-2754
Colleen Rinken Clinical Coordinator - Veterans Outreach and Recovery Program 608-266-3210
Mike Quirke Substance Use Program Evaluation Coordinator 608-266-7584
Ryan Stachoviak Mental Health Planner 608-261-9316

Substance Abuse Services Section

The Substance Abuse Services Section focuses on services and programs designed primarily for individuals with substance abuse issues.

Name Area of Responsibility Phone Number
A.J. Ernst Section Chief 608-266-9485
Beth Collier State Opioid Treatment Authority 608-267-7707
LeeAnn Cooper Intoxicated Driver Program Coordinator 608-266-2453
Lorie Goeser Criminal Justice Coordinator / FEMA 608-266-3145
Raina (Mary) Haralampopoulos Prevention Coordinator 608-267-3783
Bernestine Jeffers Women's Programs, Workforce Development 608-261-0651
Paul Krupski Prevention Coordinator 608-267-9446
Christy Niemuth Prevention Coordinator, SPF Grant Coordinator 608-261-7655
Mai Zong Vue Intercultural, Minority Populations 608-266-9218


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